Breeze Apples: Available Now!

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Wishing you all a Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
I realize apples probably aren’t at the top of your grocery list right now… it’s somewhat of a confusing time of year for us apple lovers.  The apple displays are still front & center in our produce department, but we all know that “apple season” is the Fall, not the warm Spring & Summer months.  Plus – if you look at the PLU stickers, you might notice that some of the apples are from New Zealand.

New Zealand… Really? Why? How?

Let’s talk about it & get your questions answered!

Breeze Apples from New Zealand

Really?  Yes, really.  I always say it – the fresh produce industry is global.  We literally shop the world so people like you & I can walk into a grocery store anywhere in the United States and get pretty much whatever tasty fruit or vegetable we want, regardless of the “seasonality” & time of year.

Why?  Remember elementary school social studies & science classes… learning about world geography and how we have 2 hemispheres: Northern & Southern?  When it is Spring in the Northern Hemisphere it is Fall in the Southern Hemisphere.  That is WHY we source the iconic fall fruits (like apples) from Southern Hemisphere countries (like New Zealand) during this time of year.  They’re in season!  You will often see me quote the term “seasonality” – it’s because our fresh produce is always in season somewhere! 🙂

How?  Due to incredible advancements in logistics & transportation efficiencies – we can get produce that was grown in New Zealand here to the United States quickly!  The USDA inspects and regulates all imported produce.  Click here for the 536-page manual that explains all the rules and regulations surrounding domestic Fruit & Vegetable sales.  There are hundreds of procedures in place to assure the safety & quality of our produce that is grown in other countries.

Last week, my friend Kaci Komstadius from Sage Fruit Company joined me on IndyStyle to talk about the Breeze Apple and why Washington Apple growers and shippers source apples from New Zealand during this time of year.  Check it out!

When you are shopping this weekend & beyond – please keep an eye out for the Breeze Apple!

Breeze Apples are…

  • Crunchy
  • Sweet
  • Aromatic
  • Slow to oxidize/brown – really good choice for salads!
  • Pretty – love the bright PINK color!  Looks great in your fruit bowl!
  • Versatile – great for eating raw & baking too!
  • Available now in the USA – look for them at Kroger!

Breeze is currently only available from New Zealand growers.  Sage Fruit Company recently planted some Breeze Apple Trees in Washington State, so as soon as those trees start producing fruit (it takes around 4 years for an apple tree to actually have apples), Breeze will be available year-around.

Breeze Apples just arrived in the United States & Sage Fruit sent a bunch of them to Kroger… so look to buy them there, as early as next week.  That’s where I will be buying them!


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