7 Best Cherry Dessert Recipes

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June and July is prime cherry season in the United States, so why not pick up some cherries today and whip together a killer cherry dessert?!

Cherries are known for their tart & juicy flavor, which is why I LOVE cherry desserts as a post-meal treat. This low calorie and high potassium fruit will add extra sweetness to any dessert.  My boys love cherries & throwing them into a treat makes it super easy to get a portion of their daily servings of fruit.  There is no rule that says a serving of fruit can’t come from a dessert 😉

Celebrate summer’s arrival with an extraordinary & delicious cherry dessert that all your loved ones will enjoy. Here are a few of my favorite cherry desserts. Give one a shot! They’re all fantastic.

Cherry Upside-Down Cake

The moist & crumbly texture of the cake, along with the juicy cherries is the perfect combination.

Cherry Upside Down Cake recipe


Cherry Bonbon Cookies

Cherry cookies? No way! They taste even more amazing than they look.

Cherry Bon Bon Cookie recipe


Cherry Blondies

A unique twist on the traditional blondies recipe, but with even more flavor.

Cherry Blondie recipe


Fresh Cherry Trifle

Sage Fruit has inspired all the Produce Moms out there with their cherry trifle – it’s to die for!

Fresh Cherry Trifle recipe


Cherry Yonanas

Summer is here, and what better why to celebrate than whipping up some cool & creamy cherry yonanas?!

Cherry Yonanas Recipe


Chocolate Covered Cherries

Could it get any easy than this? Just dip your cherries into some chocolate & let them harden! Such a perfect combination.

Chocolate Covered Cherries Recipe


Cherry Cobbler in the Microwave

Mug + Cherries + Cobbler ingredients = the ultimate cherry dessert (and it only takes 5 minutes)!

Microwave Cherry Cobbler Recipe


Time to celebrate cherry season! Head to the kitchen with your family & whip up a delicious cherry inspired recipe today.

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