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Getting back into the swing of school is fun, but it’s also a busy time for the whole family. Driving to and from school, sports, and after school activities can leave you with little time in the evenings, especially if you have to pack lunches or cook dinner between it all. But you don’t need to settle for a frozen pizza every night! With the help of Market Wagon, we’ve come up with some tips to save your meals and satisfy your family no matter how much time you have to spare.

Oven-Ready Ingredients

With Market Wagon, the farmers market comes to you! A fresh take on the traditional way to buy local food, Market Wagon is on a mission to connect food lovers directly with vetted farmers and artisans in their area. And on busy days, that means you can get oven-ready food delivered with a click.

Market Wagon Ready Made Meals

Set up your own meals by choosing ingredients individually or save some time with Market Wagon’s Meal Kits. These are ready to put in the oven with little prep, meaning you can still serve a home-cooked meal on busy nights. You’ll find entrées, sides, snacks, and appetizers, all ready to heat and serve!

Because Market Wagon delivers only fresh, local ingredients, what they have to offer may change based on what local vendors have to offer. You’ll find different meal offerings based on the season and where you live, which means you can add some seasonality and variety to your meals.

Serve Dinner In Advance with a Slow Cooker

People have been preparing meals that cook slowly throughout the day for eons, but slow cookers are a modern kitchen miracle. You may have busy mornings, busy afternoons, and busy evenings, but if there’s time for you to slow down between it all, then bust out the slow cooker! Prep tonight’s dinner in advance and let it simmer all day so it’s ready to serve when your family is ready to eat.

Market Wagon Slow Cooker Meals

Not sure when to cook in your slow cooker or don’t have time to shop for the ingredients? Check out Market Wagon’s Slow Cooker bundle, which is filled with top-selling roasts from pastures in your region as well as local produce to cook along with them. Just select your ingredients and everything you need to slow cook a delicious roast will come to your door! The ingredients available change seasonally based on trends and what local vendors have to offer, meaning you’ll get to try something new each week.

Packing Fresh Meals

Market Wagon doesn’t just deliver ingredients for tasty dinners. They also have everything you need to pack a nutritious and delicious lunch! Whether you’re sending it with your child to school or taking it to work with you, a lunch made with fresh, quality, locally-sourced ingredients is perfect for getting through a busy day.

Market Wagon Healthy Lunches

Get creative with the food items Market Wagon has to offer! Pack a salad using local fruits and vegetables, all grown on farms in your area. Or make a sandwich with artisanal homemade bread made by local bakers. You’ll find all kinds of fun, flavorful, and energizing things to pack in lunches from Market Wagon – even some sweet surprises!

Going Back 2 School with Market Wagon

Ready to give it a shot? Start shopping and fill your online cart with the meal kits and other ingredients that catch your eye and make your mouth water. You can see where each ingredient comes from and which local farms are growing the food you love!

When you’ve confirmed your order, the farmers and artisans you’ve chosen will gather the items you’ve ordered. Market Wagon picks up these items on a regular basis, usually on Thursday mornings, and preps it all for delivery to your home. You can also choose to pick up your order at a Market host for free.

Learn more about Market Wagon in Episode 145 of The Produce Moms Podcast, featuring founder Nick Carter.

It’s exciting to get back to school, for both you and your kids! Give your family some much-needed energy and enjoyment with Market Wagon’s delicious local food. Want to share your Market Wagon finds or the meals you’ve crafted with their fresh ingredients? Tag us on Instagram @theproducemoms and @marketwagon.

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