Episode 16: A Recap of Our Best Episodes and a Preview of What’s to Come

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The Produce Moms Podcast Episode 16

A Recap of Our Best Episodes and a Preview of What’s to Come

“We as consumers have to re-educate ourselves. It’s my hope that The Produce Moms can be a vehicle to educate us to shift our mindset.”

In this episode of The Produce Moms, Lori takes some time to recap all of the incredible episodes that have been released so far on the podcast. Lori’s passion is to help moms everywhere become more educated on produce and the issues that affect sustainability, availability and price of produce. She gives a brief history of the mission behind Produce Moms before recapping some of the more notable podcasts from this season.

“We truly want to make sure this podcast is showcasing the work that matters the most.”

Lori gives some brief previews of episodes to come on The Produce Moms. Listeners can be on the lookout for some exciting guests, including the dietician from Taco Bell. Who knew that those words could be in the same sentence?! There will also be an episode with the Director of Sports Nutrition for the Duke University Basketball team. As well as many others. You won’t want to miss a single episode.

“The truth needs to be told about your fresh produce. There is too much misinformation out there. We will speak the truth, and bring in experts to talk about the topics that matter the most.”


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction – 1:18
  • A Brief History of The Produce Moms – 2:30
  • The Healing Qualities of Fresh Produce – 9:20
  • Nature Ripe and Breeding Produce – 11:34
  • Tonya Antle and Organic Produce – 13:30
  • Future Episodes – 15:30
  • Hot Topics in the Produce World – 21:12
  • Wrap-up – 27:12

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Episode 16: Recap

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About Lori

Lori Taylor is the Founder & CEO of The Produce Moms. For ten years she sold fresh produce to over 300 grocery stores throughout the United States, and today she is fully focused on working with the produce supply chain, media, and government to increase fresh produce access & consumption in the US and around the globe. Connect with Lori on LinkedIn.

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