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Tis the season for entertaining!  In my first blog post about my indy style appearance, I showed some fun ideas for holiday fruit and veggie trays. In this post, I want to show you how you can take your holiday décor to the next level…..3-D! (If you missed the first post, check it out here.)

Instead of flowers for your centerpiece, why not use fruits and veggies?!

I do this all the time and both kids and adults love it! Making a vertical, 3-D veggie or fruit display also frees up more room on the table!

3D Fruit & Veggie Platter

Here’s how I made these fruit and veggie trees:

1) Pick up some styrofoam cones at your local craft store. They come in a variety of sizes. Pick whatever size works best for your table.

2) Grab some toothpicks and start sticking them into the cone.

3) At the end of each toothpick, add the fruit or veggie of your choice. Easy! I even added some cauliflower as snow around the base of my broccoli tree.

Broccoli Veggie Tree

IMG_6143IMG_6144IMG_6146IMG_6150IMG_6147Broccoli Veggie Tree

If you use a smaller-sized cone, you can make individual place settings for each person. How cute is this?

Cucumber Veggie Tree

Here, I just used cucumbers for the tree and added bell pepper strips and cocktail tomatoes from Nature Fresh Farms for the decorations!

Strawberry Fruit Tree



For this strawberry tree I used a starfruit as the “tree topper!”

Starfruit is a great addition to your holiday meal! It can be used not just as a garnish, but also as a great way to serve an appetizer! I like to use it as I would a cucumber slice and top it with spicy tuna, shrimp or some other yummy appetizer-type food. It really takes on the flavor of whatever it’s served with. You don’t need to peel it, just slice and serve.

Fruit and Veggie Trees

Tips for your good health!! Remember TWO hours! Refrigerate your fruit and veggie decorations until it’s time to serve. Once you put them on the table, they will stay fresh for up to two hours. After two hours, be sure to put them in the fridge for a bit to keep the produce fresh and your family safe! For more tips on how to keep your holiday food fresh, check out this fightbac party buffets!

Happy Holidays!


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  1. Do you cover the cone with anything – like Saran Wrap? I know some styrofoam has little particles that come off on my hands. Is that a concern as folks take off the vegetables – or do you prepare other vegetables and this is merely a table