With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we worked with some of our partners to create FUN and FREE Activity Sheets that can be used for Valentine’s Day parties at school, at home or even in your local public library


Love Grapes with All of Your Heart

HMC FarmsAs studies have shown, grapes help promote a healthy heart.  Eating a variety of grapes help support a healthy heart by promoting relaxation of blood vessels to help maintain a healthy blood flow and overall function.  Heart-healthy grapes may also help promote healthy aging.

HMC Farms is commited to providing kids with healthy food options that they actually enjoy eating by creating healthy eating patterns that will continue for a lifetime.  Their website has several resources that offer kids a fun way to learn about the delicious and nutritious grapes that they love!

Grapes are the Superheroes of Heart Health

HMC Farms Valentine’s Day Activity Sheet

Download and Print Here


Valentine’s Day Cards

Show your love this Valentine’s Day with punny produce. Print these free Valentine’s cards and attach to treat bags filled with your favorite fruit or veggie.

Funny Produce Valentine's Day Cards - FREE DOWNLOAD

Download and Print Funny Produce Valentine’s Day Cards


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