Fire up the grill! You’re going to love this summertime treat!

Looking for something different and exciting to throw on the grill? Try peaches! Grilling intensifies their sweet, delicious flavors. Trust us, this will be your new favorite summertime treat!

Before you head to the grill, learn how to select the best peaches and properly store them.

How To Grill Peaches

Step 1: Heat your grill to medium-low heat.

Step 2: Cut peaches in half and remove the pits. Brush the peach halves with butter or oil.

Step 3: Place the peach halves on the grill. Cook each side until grill marks form, about 4 minutes. Remove from grill.

Note: To caramelize your peaches, grill cut side down first. Then, flip your peach halves cut side up and sprinkle with cinnamon and brown sugar. Grill for another 3-4 minutes, until a caramelized top forms.

How to grill peaches

Fun Ways To Serve Grilled Peaches

Grilled peaches are excellent on their own but if you’re looking for something extra special, try these ideas:

  • Drizzle slices with balsamic vinegar and wrap in prosciutto.
  • Drizzle with honey and top with Greek yogurt.
  • Serve with ice cream and a drizzle of caramel or chocolate syrup.
  • Slice and place grilled peaches in a summer salad, like this Peach & Tomato Salad.
  • Brush with maple syrup and top with chopped pecans.
  • Top with a balsamic glaze and goat cheese.
  • Serve with whipped cream for a grilled version of “peaches and cream.”
  • Slice and serve on top of waffles. Add a dollop of whipped cream and top with chopped walnuts or pecans.

Don’t stop at peaches! This technique works for most stone fruits. Once you perfect your grilled peach recipe, try grilling plums, nectarines, or apricots next. Happy grilling!

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