An adorable Christmas Vegetable Tray that’s almost too cute to eat!

The snow is falling and winter is here! As holiday parties approach, keep this snowman vegetable tray in mind for your next event. The ranch serves as the perfect dipping sauce for the crisp vegetables. Plus, the snowman is cute as can be! It’s a perfect Christmas vegetable tray.

Snowman Veggie Tray | Christmas Vegetable Tray

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Vegetable Snowman Tray
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  1. On a serving platter, place a small bowl of ranch dressing in the middle of the plate.
  2. On the top & bottom of the bowl, form & fill in a circle made with cauliflower.
  3. Arrange broccoli florets around the base circle of the snowman.
  4. Arrange baby carrots on one side of the top circle of the snowman & cherry tomatoes on the opposite side.
  5. Use 3 slices of black olives for the buttons by placing in the bowl of ranch.
  6. Use 2 celery sticks as the arms.
  7. Use 2 whole black olives as the eyes.
  8. Use a carrot slice as the nose.
  9. Use a sliver of red bell pepper as the mouth.

Happy holidays!

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