As a passionate advocate for fresh produce and education, The Produce Mom is excited to announce the release of A Fruit and Veggie Tray for Almost Every Holiday presented by Kroger.  The eBook is filled with fruit and veggies trays using fresh produce from the Kroger produce department.

The eBook is suited for anyone who is interested in bringing a fruit or veggie tray for a holiday gathering! These trays will undoubtedly impress all of your friends and family.  Soon, you will be required to bring the fruit or veggie tray for every gathering!

What does The Produce Mom’s A Fruit and Veggie Tray for Almost Every Holiday eBook have to offer?

  • 15 holidays represented with tray ideas
  • 26 total trays | 13 fruit trays & 13 veggie trays
  • Fruit tray tips and tricks – how to make the most out of your fresh produce tray
  • Kroger’s history and impact in the retail landscape
  • Kroger Fresh Facts on every page
  • A list of all the produce needed for each tray
  • A materials list for each tray
  • Step by step instructions from start to finish

Throughout the eBook, you will see Kroger Fresh Facts

  • Nutritional produce facts
  • Produce availability facts
  • How to select fruit and veggies from the produce department
  • Produce fun facts

The best part is that A Fruit and Veggie Tray for Almost Every Holiday eBook is FREE!  All you have to do is fill out the short form, and you can begin assembling your first tray!

Once you are inside the eBook, you can highlight, copy text, print, share on social networks and much more!