Thanksgiving Food Art: Table Centerpiece Craft

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Thanksgiving is a time for celebrating family. What better way to do so than by making a fun and tasty treat together.

Our Thanksgiving food art display will delight every member of your family from the kids to the grandparents. And when they see these delicious pears, kiwi, and carrots, they’ll be delighted to dig in, too! We’ll show you how to use fruits, veggies, pretzel sticks, and candy to make festive Thanksgiving-themed treats.

How to Make Thanksgiving Food Art

Turning produce, like pears and kiwi, into turkeys and drumsticks is a fun craft you can enjoy with your kids this November. Help them get into the Thanksgiving spirit by creating a party tray that will dazzle the aunts, uncles, and grandparents on turkey day.

Easy to make!

We started with tasty drumsticks. These aren’t turkey legs, though. They’re juicy pears! To make a drumstick, start by making a hole in the top of the pear. Dip a pretzel rod into white chocolate to make the bone, then slide the undipped portion of the pretzel into the hole. Use candy to make the eyes.

We turned pears into turkeys, too! Pieces of red and orange pepper became the beak and mouth. We sliced carrots to make the shape of feet. To make the tail, skewer pieces of carrots and yellow pepper with toothpicks, then arrange the toothpicks along the top of the pear. Candy eyes complete these cute turkeys.

Adorable little faces

Thankgiving food art

Those adorable dinner guests are made out of kiwis! Peel the kiwi, but save some of the skin and cut it into the shape of a pilgrim hat. Add a belt to the hat using white chocolate and pieces of yellow pepper. Finish them with candy eyes.

Decorate your tray with blackberries and cantaloupe! We dipped blackberries into whipped cream cheese to make a delicious garnish. Cantaloupe became colorful fallen leaves, which bring some extra autumn fun to this tray. You can either use a cookie cutter to make these or simply cut them yourself with a knife.

Did this Thanksgiving Food Art help make your holiday celebrations memorable? Did your kids get involved? Share your family’s creations with us on Instagram @theproducemoms!

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