Will this Pit or Seed Grow a Tree?

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The answer is YES.  Your cherry pits & apple seeds will grow trees.

However, that’s not how your farmers get more trees in the cherry & apple growing regions.

Please check out the informative video & blog on the Superfresh Grower’s website & learn more about why your farmers do not just plant the seeds & pits from fruit to get more trees.  They can’t!  Sometimes the trees that grow from cherry pits & apple seeds do not even bear fruit!!!

Also…. last call for the #CherryFreeze Photo Contest!  As you know, cherry season is over.  Maybe you should plant some pits & see what happens? 😉  Just make sure you “put a freeze on your cherries” to extend this tasty season in your home kitchen…. take a pic of your chilling cherries, visit my Facebook page & it’s that easy — enter to win!  Lots of fun prizes — read complete contest details here.

Look for this icon on my facebook page to enter #CherryFreeze
Look for this icon on my facebook page to enter #CherryFreeze

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