Episode 30: Keeping Our Veggies Hydrated with Emily Stavrou Vice President of Corrigan Mist

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Episode 30: Keeping Our Veggies Hydrated with Emily Stavrou Vice President of Corrigan Mist

There was really a need to help preserve the produce because it is so fragile and can quickly die without the proper, environmental controls that help it stay fresh. My grandfather saw the need and we’ve been developing products ever since.”

This week on the Produce Moms Podcast, we’re joined by Emily Stavrou. Emily is the Vice President of Corrigan Corporation of America, also known as Corrigan Mist. Corrigan creates the misting systems you see in the produce section of your local grocery. They have been in business for 40 years manufacturing misting systems, humidifiers for meat and seafood and water filtration systems.

“Misting actually helps to retain vitamin and nutrient content within the produce… And really also the color and the integrity of the produce as well. Also, once produce is harvested, it immediately begins to lose water… once it gets to the store, the produce misting is really there to hydrate and revive it and make it happy.”

In this episode, we’ll learn more about the science behind misting and what exactly is being misted onto our vegetables. Corrigan Mist believes that proper care of the vegetables from start to finish will lead to less food waste. Emily also gives some useful tips to help your vegetables last longer at home! Don’t miss this episode of The Produce Moms Podcast!

“We’ve been innovating new solutions that humidify and hydrate the produce all the way through the supply chain. And the really cool thing about that is if it is treated properly from start to finish every step of the way, not only is the produce fresher and better looking when it gets to the grocery store, but it’s fresher when it’s in our homes and our kitchens.”


About Corrigan Mist

To learn more about Corrigan Mist, visit their website at: www.corriganmist.com.

Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction // Emily Stavrou – 1:14
  • What is Corrigan Mist? – 4:31
  • Where Are Corrigan Products Being Used? – 8:05
  • What is in the Mist? – 8:41
  • Why Is Misting Important? – 9:15
  • Corrigan: Eliminating Food Waste – 15:06
  • Wrap-up – 18:45

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