3 Valentine’s Treats and Punny Notes for Your Kids

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Need a few delicious, healthy, and creative recipes or fun notes to send with your kids to school this Valentine’s Day?! Whether you love or dread the holiday, these recipes and little note ideas will have all the kids admitting their love to you.  Invite your kids to help out in the kitchen and inspire them to find new ways to incorporate produce into recipes!

Punny Valentine’s Day Notes to Leave Your Kids

Depending on the age of your kids, some of them would appreciate a cute little note alongside the produce you pack in their lunch on Valentine’s Day. Here are a few cute message ideas for you to either write on a note, mark on the produce with a food coloring pen, or pencil into the produce using a fork or other utensil with a point.

Cutie Orange: “I think you’re a CUTIE”

Berries: “I love you BERRY much”

Banana: “I am BANANAS over you”

Pear: “You are PEAR-fect”

Apple: “You are the APPLE of my eye”

Orange: “ORANGE you glad I’m your mom?”

Peach: “You’re a PEACH!”

Banana, Orange, etc: “I find you very aPEELing!”

Fun Valentine’s Day Recipes for Kids

If you are looking for fun Valentine’s Day treats, then check out these fun-loving snacks that are PERFECT for your Valentine’s celebration!

Chocolate Covered Cherries

A quick & easy recipe that will make all the kids fall in love with produce!

Chocolate Covered Cherries - Sage Fruit

Pomegranate Hearts

Impress the class by making these fruit filled gelatin hearts!


Celery Fondue Pops

A unique twist on the traditional “cake pop” – top off with peanuts, coconut, chocolate chips, or even red sprinkles!

Celery Pops

Remember – get your kids in the kitchen this holiday season & encourage them to try a new recipe! Happy Valentine’s Day <3


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