Stone Fruit and The Prima® Promise

Prima Peaches in buckets

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Prima® Wawona is fully committed to stone fruit – it’s all we do! Our mission is to lead the growth of stone fruit consumption by delivering a consistent and superior quality experience to our customers and consumers.

Our stone fruit is available from April through October. You can enjoy fresh, juicy & tasty peaches, plums, nectarines & apricots that are grown with love and unwavering quality from the heart of California.

Prima Wawona Stone Fruit Fields

Spanning over 15,000 acres, our orchards produce 5x more peaches than the entire state of Georgia! Since we cover A LOT of ground. We have sustainable irrigation practices, over 10 acres of solar panels, natural pest control methods, and reduced energy practices because we are passionate about bringing you outstanding quality through every step of our process.

Unmatched Consistency & Unrivaled Quality

Bringing together over 150 combined years of expertise and passion from two of the fruit industry’s leading family farms, Prima® Wawona offers the largest, most diversified selection of conventional and organic stone fruit in North America. We are dedicated to setting the standard for what premium quality should be so that you can experience what it means to take a bite out of unmatched excellence.

How stone fruit gets from tree to table at Prima Wawona

The Prima® Promise – Growing the Freshest, Juiciest & Tastiest Fruits

Fresh-picked fruit from our orchards is always at its peak of juiciness and flavor because we put quality first. Each stone fruit is grown, nurtured, hand-picked, and hand-packed exactly the same. From planting to hand-picking, we strive for perfection in every operation so you can trust that when you pick up a piece of Prima®, you’re enjoying premium quality fruits that are brought to you at the perfect time. That’s the Prima®promise.

Prima Peaches on tree

Want to try our Prima® peaches and our other stone fruit, check out where you can find them with our store locator. Pro tip: call your local retailer ahead of time to confirm that they have Prima® Wawona brands in stock! And if they don’t, ask them to start stocking it. Check out The Produce Moms blog How to Request Products at Grocery Stores.

Seasonal Harvest – Early Season Through Late Season Picking

Harvest can take anywhere from a few days to over 6 weeks, depending on variety. Generally speaking, early season harvest lasts for a week or two, while late season fruit might pick for a period of 4-6 weeks. Harvesting fruit at peak ripeness can mean many picks or passes on the same tree. It is not uncommon to pick the tree every other day or every 3rd day for over a month.


  • Prima®
  • Prima® Organic
  • Sweet2Eat
  • Sweet2Eat® Organic
  • Prima® Gattie Peaches
  • Exclusive Prima® Varieties
  • Exclusive Wawona Varieties
  • Exclusive Burchell Varieties


Prima® is the largest stone fruit grower in the late season! Prima® Gattie Unrivaled flavor, size & consistency in the season’s last peach!

  • Last Tango
  • Autumn Burst
  • Late White Delight
  • Prima® Diamond 24
  • Grand Finale
  • September Bright


From our orchards and packing facilities to our farm-management practices and commitment to employees, our passion for sustainability is evident in everything we do.

Solar Panels – Have over 10 acres of sun-tracking solar panels.

Natural Pest Abatement – Utilize native predatory insects, owls and hawks to control the pest population while supporting biodiversity throughout the Central Valley.

Water Practices – Utilize water-conserving irrigation methods throughout our orchards and packing facilities, and treat wash water so it can be recycled to irrigate grasslands that feed local livestock and replenish groundwater levels.

Energy-Efficient Lighting – Reduce energy usage throughout the packing facility.

No Waste – All of our fruit finds a home.

Cover Crops – Plant cover crops throughout our orchards to protect the ground and nurture the soil.

Agricultural Conservation – Placed 9,200 acres of land into an easement through the California Department of Conservation to remove development pressures and prohibit practices that could damage or interfere with agricultural use of the land.

Reduced Emissions – Operate electric forklifts and reduced-emission semi-trucks.

To learn more about Prima® Wawona and all of our stone fruit, visit our website.

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