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The Produce Moms is based on the idea of helping you increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables. Normally, that’s as easy as guiding you through your local farmers market or the produce section of your grocery store. But in the COVID-19 pandemic, much has changed about how we shop and prepare for meals. Preventing the spread of the virus doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your healthy eating habits, though. This might actually be a good time to try out some new ones! Fruits and vegetables are a great way to boost your immune system.

Several online resources have sprung up in the last few years that give local farms exposure and boost their revenue by delivering their fresh produce to consumers. Now these services are a great way to buy fruits, vegetables, and other groceries even while you’re in self-quarantine.

To help you pick the right resource for you, we’ve organized this list by produce delivery resources, companies that ship other kinds of groceries and supplies, and stores that offer curbside pick-up. We’ve also included each resource’s service region, as not all of these programs are available nationally.

These sites deliver produce and other farm-fresh foods right to your doorstep. Some allow you to choose when and what you order, while others have options for pre-made subscription boxes.

Local Harvest

Local Harvest is a resource that connects users to community supported agriculture (CSA) in their area. Pandemic or not, this is an excellent resource for supporting your local farms! Normally, subscribers would visit their partner farms directly to choose the foods they want. Whether a CSA delivers seems to be on a case-by-case basis right now; however, you can order produce from the website that’s sourced directly from member farms.

Service areas: Continental U.S. and parts of Canada. Each CSA serves a particular region.

From the Farmer

From fruits and veggies to meats, cheeses, and even coffee, this service offers several pre-set farm boxes to choose from, delivered weekly. You have the option to swap anything in your box for another item or even skip a week if your fridge is still full. You can also order prepared meals and other products like bread, eggs, and glass-bottled milk.

Ships to: DMV area (DC, Maryland, Virginia) and sources products from that area as well.

Hungry Harvest

Millions of pounds of produce are thrown away every year before they even reach grocery stores. Why? Because stores have visual qualifications for fruits and vegetables – ones that are too big, too small, or oddly shaped don’t usually make the cut. This site works to reduce food waste by rescuing misshapen or otherwise “imperfect” (but still safe!) produce. Hungry Harvest lets you create your own box of produce, which it delivers to you on a weekly or biweekly basis. You can add on other grocery items, too!

Ships to: Many areas on the East Coast. Check if you’re in their delivery area here.

Misfits Market

Misfits Market also sells “imperfect” produce, all of which is organic and non-GMO. Pick the frequency of your deliveries and from two sizes of boxes. Sometimes fewer choices make life simpler, right? Misfits Market also claims to save you up to 40 percent of what you’d normally spend in store!

Ships to: The Midwest, part of the South, and the East Coast.

Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods is another rescuer of produce deemed visually unfit for standard grocery stores. Because they’re selling vegetable outcasts, their prices are cheaper than conventional grocery store products. Choose between their conventional and organic options and customize your delivery boxes with any other grocery products you need. Imperfect Foods will deliver them to your door weekly.

Ships to: Most of the Northeast, the Midwest, Texas and the southern plains states, and the West Coast.

Farmbox Direct

Farmbox puts an emphasis on local farmers and businesses as well as organic produce. After you choose from three different sizes of boxes, you’ll receive a weekly email about the current harvest. You can choose up to five substitutions in your box and add any other grocery items you’re interested in until three days prior to your delivery date.

Ships to: Continental U.S., but also advises you to check your ZIP code here to ensure they deliver to your area.

Tropical Fruit Box

Tropical Fruit Box prides itself on delivering the freshest possible produce. You can order a box of the fruit you might normally see in your grocery store or spice it up with some unique options for exotic fruits and vegetables that might not normally be available near you. Need a whole box of dragon fruit or soursop? They’ve got you covered!

Ships to: Continental U.S.

Fresh Direct

This site boasts a short supply chain, meaning produce you buy from them lasts longer in your home than what you’d bring home from a grocery store. They also ship basically anything you’d find at a grocery store, so if you need both laundry detergent and a live 1¼ lb. lobster, they’ve got you covered.

Ships to: New England and the East Coast.


Based in L.A., Melissas delivers produce packages both mundane and exotic, as well as snacks, wine, and other products. You can order fresh produce by itself, in a basket, or in a recurring delivery schedule. If you know of a friend or relative who could use some delicious food as they self-quarantine, Melissa’s have plenty of great gift options!

Ships to: U.S.

Here are some other options for delivering food and other groceries, as well as a few specialty products. Each option ships to the continental U.S. unless otherwise noted.


It’s Amazon. They ship everything, everywhere. If you want to support local farms or shop organic foods while using Amazon, you’ll just need to look a little harder. Try searching “locally grown,” then see what options are available.

Skinny Souping

This company sets itself apart by offering nutritious, delicious soups you can enjoy on the go. No need for a lunch break anymore! Their unique visual selection process helps you decide which soups you want to order while knowing exactly what’s in them. Order a six-pack of soup and they’ll stay fresh in your home up to two weeks after delivery.  Learn more about Skinny Souping on EP66 of The Produce Moms Podcast.


hint offers fruit-infused flavored water, both still and sparkling, as well as personal care products. You can buy once or start a subscription service so you’ll never run out of their fruity goodness!  Meet the founder & CEO of hint on EP24 of The Produce Moms Podcast.


This is a shopping service that allows you to buy from your local grocery stores with same-day delivery. They cover stores like Kroger and Aldi, although exact options vary by community. Think of it as Uber for your grocery store. You can find them in most major U.S. cities.

Pop Up Grocer

Want to send your future self a pick-me-up? Check out Pop Up Grocer’s mystery box! This temporary grocery store, formerly located in New York City, is opening in Austin this spring. Who knows where it will go next? A box from Pop Up Grocer will run you $60 and includes both snacks and swag. 10 percent of each box’s sales are donated to Feeding America.

Willing/need to leave the house? Curbside pick-up is your answer. You can request the groceries you need through the store’s app or website. When you arrive at the store, someone will bring the groceries to you and put them in your car. You’ll still maintain good COVID-19 prevention habits like touch-free interaction and social distancing.

Here’s a list of some of the biggest U.S. grocery stores offering curbside pick-up. If you’re curious about your favorite local or regional stores, their websites or social media pages should tell you if they offer similar services.

  • Target – Pick-up and delivery (through Shipt)
  • Wal-Mart – Pick-up and delivery
  • Whole Foods – Pick-up and delivery (delivery for Amazon Prime members only)
  • Kroger – Pick-up and delivery
  • Meijer – Pick-up and delivery (fees apply)
  • Publix – Pick-up and delivery
  • Costco – Delivery (through Instacart)
  • Giant Eagle – Pick-up and delivery
  • H-E-B – Pick-up and delivery
  • Safeway – Pick-up and delivery
  • Aldi – Pick-up and delivery (through Instacart)

Resources For Ordering Produce Online

Do you know of a resource for ordering produce online? Please share it in the comments below. 

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  2. These efforts are really very inspiring. Especially the support local campaigns. Here in the Philippines, in Davao City to be exact, we have the Malagos Homegrown Produce. They offer farm fresh produce from the farms of local farmers. Plus they have a same day delivery too. This is why I have always been supporting them. Keep it up, guys!