Radishes: How to Select, Store & Serve


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Are you following along with the #ProduceChallenge Calendar? Today’s challenge is a RADISH! Radishes, a root vegetable, are part of the Brassica family.  While they are thought to have originated in China, radishes are now grown around the world.  In the United States, California & Florida produce the largest crops!  Coming in various colors, sizes, & crop durations, radishes are classified as either a spring, summer, winter, or fall crop.  Since radishes are able to grow year round, they make an ideal vegetable for any home garden!  Encourage your family to plant radishes & watch the growing process – it’s FASCINATING!



NOW…How do you select, store, & serve a radish?

How to Select

  • Make sure the vegetable is smooth & brightly colored
  • The radish should be medium sized
  • The  top should be green & fresh looking

How to Store

  • Remove green tops & wash thoroughly
  • Radishes should be sealed in a plastic bag & used within 1 week

How to Serve

  • Cooked or raw – I love to add radishes to my salads!
  • Try radishes in cole slaw.

Cole Slaw Recipe

Comment & let me know your favorite recipe to make with radishes! Remember – There is a produce mom in all of us 🙂

xoxo Produce Mom

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    1. The flavor variations are due to growing conditions, seed, etc. It’s not really possible by looks alone how much of the natural spice/heat a radish will have. Some varieties of radishes are known for being naturally more mild in flavor: such as white radishes and watermelon radish! Hope this helps.