Portabella Mushrooms

How to Select Portabella Mushrooms

When selecting portabella mushrooms, look for caps that are firm and uniform in color, not spotty. Mushrooms should be dry to slightly tacky, not slimy. For a stronger earthy taste, choose mushrooms with thick veils that are dark in color. For a more delicate flavor, choose mushrooms with thinner veils that are lighter in color.

How to Store Portabella Mushrooms

If you purchase pre-packaged mushrooms, leave them in their packaging and store in the refrigerator. The packaging is designed to keep the mushrooms fresh.

If you purchase loose mushrooms, place them in a brown paper sack. Do not use a plastic bag. Plastic causes the mushrooms to break down sooner because the moisture from the mushrooms gets trapped.

Do not freeze raw portabella mushrooms. Instead, sauté and then freeze. Sautéd mushrooms can be stored in the freezer for up to a month.

How to Serve Portabella Mushrooms