Open-Faced Apple Ring Sandwiches

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Are you tired of making different snacks for each of your kids and then another for yourself? It’s hard to find healthy snacks that kids agree on and adults enjoy too. Pink Lady® Healthy Apple Slices are a great solution. They start with a Pink Lady® apple rings but the toppings can be customized to everyone’s individual tastes.

Pink Lady® apples are a great snacking apple. They spend extra time in the orchards soaking in the sun, which creates a tangy, sweet flavor. All that extra sunshine is also what gives them their beautiful blush pink color. Pink Lady® apples deliver a satisfying crunch, too!

Ready to get your snack on? Begin by coring the apple. Next, lay the apple on its side and cut to desired thickness (around a ¼ inch is suggested). Once you have your apple rings, it’s time to top them. Go savory or go sweet… Pink Lady® apples are a great match for both. Here are some suggested toppings, but feel free to create your own.

Pink Lady® Healthy Apple Slices

DID YOU KNOW: All Pink Lady® apples must meet high-quality standards. Every apple labeled with the Pink Lady® sticker has met strict criteria for sugar content, firmness, color, and blemishes. Learn more here.

Be sure to let your children in on the fun. Encourage them to help pick out toppings at the grocery store — with most coming from the produce department of course!

Put Pink Lady® apples on this week’s grocery list so the whole family can enjoy a healthy snack together. What topping combination sounds best to you? Let us know in the comments below or share your creation on Instagram and tag @theproducemoms and @pinkladyamerica.

Pink Lady® Healthy Apple Slices

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