Make Your Own DIY Christmas Wreath… With Fresh Citrus!

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Ready for a fresh holiday DIY idea?

We’ve got just the one…DIY Christmas wreaths!

DIY Christmas wreaths are the perfect way to create new holiday memories with your family. We’ve added a few oranges and lemons to your wreath project for a fresh take on the season. Fresh, bright, and aromatic scents await your holiday guests.

We’ll use floral wire to securely attach whole lemons and oranges to your wreath. Although it may look complicated and time-consuming, it’s a simple and easy project you can do with your entire family. 

We promise. 

DIY Citrus Wreath hanging on the front door

DIY citrus wreath is sponsored by Pro Citrus Network

In about 30 minutes, you’ll have a beautiful, festive new wreath and a unique decoration idea you may have never considered. 

Call in your family, and let’s get started on creating our citrus wreaths.

DIY Christmas Wreath Materials 


At first, this list of materials may seem a little long. But you likely have most of these tools and materials sitting in your Christmas decoration box sitting in your attic. A DIY Christmas wreath is a great way to use some of your Christmas decorations in a fun, fresh way. 

Go a little crazy. 

Use some of those decorations at the bottom of the storage box that you forgot you even had. You can let your kids pick some of their favorites to include.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started. 


There is a lot of red and green during the holiday season, so we decided to use lemons and oranges to break things up a bit. You’re welcome to throw in some limes, mandarins, and grapefruit to add a variety of colors and scents. Keep in mind the heavier the fruit, the sturdier your wreath needs to be to hold the weight of your citrus. 

Citrus is a fresh, affordable way to add a bright, welcoming aroma to your home. Just as it cleanses the palette, it’s also like a cleanser to your sense of smell before your family and friends walk into your home to the scent of sweet glazed ham. 

Mmmm…can you smell it too?

Grapevine Wreath

Made from dried grapevines, these kinds of wreaths look very natural and pair well with the Christmas garland and citrus we’ll add later. If you want to turn this into a fun family project, go for a walk and collect the grapevines to make your own wreath. 

But…don’t hesitate to go the easy route and use a premade wreath you can buy at any craft store or online. 

If you decide to make the base of your wreath yourself, look for willow, wisteria, or honeysuckle around your home to make the base of your DIY Christmas wreath. However, grapevines are sturdy and hold up well for supporting citrus and other decorations. And the best part is that it can last up to five years for other celebrations like weddings or baby showers.

Christmas Garland

Garlands come with a variety of decorations, including flowers, leaves, berries, and pine cones. Your DIY Christmas wreath is a fun way to use up extra garland in a new way. Most garlands have Christmas tree-style leaves that have a pine look to them. It’s light, soft, and flexible, so it’s easy to add the Christmas spirit to this DIY project. 

Like the grapevine wreath, you can use leftover garland. Buy it new at a craft or home improvement store, or look for natural materials around your home with your family. We love to use artificial garland because it can be reused for years and still looks realistic, and stores well. A fresh garland can last up to eight weeks, especially in cooler climates. 

Both will work. 

Floral Wire

Floral wire, zip ties, and cutters

If you’re a crafter, you probably already have floral wire sitting around. If not, you can get it at any craft or home improvement store. We chose this wire because it’s green and blends right in with this DIY Christmas wreath’s green, earthy colors.  It’s also strong enough to hold everything in place. This is the best way to secure heavier citrus decorations to your wreath so they stay put. 

We don’t recommend using glue or vinyl tape. It’s just not likely to keep your citrus in place throughout the holiday season. 

Zip Ties

We went with green zip ties because they are durable, and the green blends better than white or black. We’ll use the zip ties to secure the garland to the grapevine wreath. If you don’t have any zip ties left over from last year, grab them at any craft, home improvement, or department store.  

Be sure to get a whole bag because zip ties come in handy when hanging decorations, like lights, around your house. It’s almost impossible to have too many. Be sure to cut the excess zip tie as close as possible to avoid any sharp points sticking out. 

Wire Cutters

Since we’re using our cutters for a DIY Christmas wreath project, you don’t need anything fancy. Get the cheapest ones at a craft or home improvement store, and they’ll work just fine for this project. If you don’t have wire cutters and don’t think you’ll need them for anything else in the future, you can also use pliers or scissors. If you use scissors, it may take some extra force on your part, but it will still work just fine.

Wired Ribbon

You’ve probably realized by now that we chose sturdy materials to make our citrus wreath so it stays fresh and aromatic during the holiday season. The wired ribbon is still soft and elegant. But the wire on the edges still lets you position your ribbon, or bow, in a way that catches the eye. Twist and puff up your ribbon however you’d like, and it will stay all season long.

Look for wired ribbon at any craft store or online. 

Decorative Picks/Stems

This is the fun part! You get to customize your wreath, and it’s a great place to get your kids involved. Anything from pine cones, flowers, snowflakes, and cranberries are the finishing touches that breathe extra life into your DIY Christmas wreath. You can even add some little projects your kids have made in the past to add a personal touch of you and your family. You can often find fun, affordable things to add to your wreath at the dollar store as well. 

Have fun with this part. This is where creativity gets a chance to shine.

Small Ornaments

This is another area where you can go wild with your citrus wreath decorations, including any ornaments your kids have made. If you hang your wreath outside, keep that in mind as you choose those special additions — it may get wet or frozen. Your kids may not pick quite the same things as you, but go with it. They tend to have more of an imagination than we do. And they’ll love that you listened to their ideas.

Now, it’s time to make some memories.

How to Make a DIY Christmas Wreath With Citrus

Step 1

Step 1: Attach your garland to the front of your grapevine wreath. Lay your wreath on a flat, clear working space in front of you. Pick a starting point and place your garland on the front of your wreath. 

Grab a zip tie and wrap it around a piece of the grapevine and the garland stem, put the zip tie through the square hole, and pull it through with your fingers until it’s snug and holds the garland in place. Work your way around the front of your wreath, adding zip ties along the way until you reach your starting point. 

Step 2: Trim the excess zip ties with your cutters, as flush as possible to the tie, to prevent any injuries from the sharp edges. 

Step 3

Step 3: You may have some excess garland hanging off your wreath. Use your cutters to trim the excess garland and save it for decorations or another project.

Step 4

Step 4: Use the floral wire to poke a hole through the piece of citrus and go all the way through the middle of the fruit, stem to stem, carefully avoiding puncturing fruit sections while threading through the center. Next, choose a place on your wreath where you want it to go and place it on the front. Use your fingers to move the wiring around a grapevine and/or piece of garland and twist the two ends of the wire together. Your citrus should feel secure. Repeat with all of your citrus, placing it all around your wreath at different angles and spots.

Produce Moms’ Tip: If you puncture the citrus from stem to stem, you will avoid the pulp and sections so that the fruit will last longer on the wreath.

Step 5: Use your cutters to trim the wiring on the back of your citrus.

Step 6

Step 6: Add your picks, stems, and ornaments wherever you’d like around your wreath to fill any empty spaces and secure them with floral wire. Trim the excess wiring off with your cutters.

Step 7: If you’d like, add a wired ribbon around your wreath or make a bow to place on top. 

Why We Love Pro Citrus Network

Pro Citrus Network (PCN) has created a unique work environment. They work hard so that you have access to high-quality citrus all year long. Fresh citrus is a passion for this company. Around PCN, they work together to help others so everyone grows together. Their commitment to their positive work environment shows in the sweet, juicy, and tart citrus products they grow for you and your family. 

Be sure to look for Pro Citrus Networks lemons and oranges for a fresh DIY Christmas wreath this season!

More Festive DIY Projects

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DIY Citrus Wreath

Freshen up your holiday festivities with this DIY Christmas wreath using citrus – lemons and oranges. It's a fun, family-friendly project that brings a pop of color to your home this season.
Total Time30 minutes


  • Citrus in various shapes and sizes (we sued lemons and oranges/clementines)
  • Grapevine wreath any size you want for your door
  • Christmas garland or greenery
  • Floral wire
  • Zip ties
  • Wire cutters or scissors
  • Wired ribbon
  • Decorative picks or stems (pine cone, floral, snowflake, cranberries, etc.) for decor
  • Small decorative ornaments


  • Add your garland to the grapevine wreath. Use floral wire or zip ties to secure the garland in place, depending on the weight and size of your garland.
  • Add your citrus to the wreath. Use the floral wire to poke a hole at the top of the fruit and pierce it completely through. Place the citrus where you want it on the wreath, and use the excess floral wire to tie it around the back. Add all your citrus to the wreath so it's full of fresh lemons and oranges.
  • Fill in your wreath with the rest of your decorated picks, stems, and ornaments with the floral wire.
  • Trim any excess wiring or extra garland hanging off your wreath with your cutters or scissors.
  • Optional: Add a wired ribbon for an extra festive pop to your DIY Christmas wreath. Then, hang it on your front door to welcome guests with a bright aroma during the holidays.

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