Episode38: How Jason’s Deli is Changing the Way the Food Industry Feeds Your Family

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Episode38: How Jason’s Deli is Changing the Way the Food Industry Feeds Your Family

“We hope that when anyone comes into a Jason’s Deli, it feels like family. And they know that the people in their family are making decisions on what food to bring in.”

It’s not always easy to know where your food comes from when dining out. Parents who want their families to eat nutritious foods need to know that a restaurant truly cares about the produce it serves. Kimberly Andreason is a true food superstar. Her role as Produce Director for Jason’s Deli has allowed her to play a major role in the health-promoting changes made within the company.

Kimberly is passionate about the produce industry, and her work with Jason’s Deli has been an integral part of their mission to promote a higher consumption of whole fruits and vegetables among families. With 275 delis in 28 states, Jason’s Deli is making a big impact on the future health of today’s consumers. The company continues to grow, opening between 12 and 15 delis each year with the goal of having a Jason’s Deli in all 50 states.

“If we wouldn’t serve it to our families, we wouldn’t serve it to our customers.” 

What makes Jason’s Deli even more unique is the fact that its founder Joe Tortorice Jr. is still involved in the business. A dedicated family man who’s passionate about the quality of the food he serves, Joe has been an inspiration to the entire Jason’s Deli team. Joe believes that if he wouldn’t serve it to his family, he wouldn’t serve it to his customers. This principle is at the heart of Jason’s Deli’s mission to advance the food industry.

In 2005, Jason’s Deli became one of the first restaurants to eliminate trans fats and high fructose corn syrup from their menu. They went on to introduce organic produce in 2006, and now proudly serve healthful items like organic spring mix, spinach, carrots, and apples. More importantly, they’re always looking to expand their organic produce options over time.

The restaurant’s tagline “It’s a Family Thing,” sums up its approach to business. Their goal is to make dining at Jason’s Deli feel like a family affair. In fact, its origins are rooted in the family business. Joe Tortorice Jr. grew up in Beaumont, Texas. He worked at his father’s grocery store where he noticed the construction workers who would come in to buy bread and other ingredients for their sandwich lunches. Joe quickly saw a need he could fulfill. He was soon selling pre-made sandwiches, and in 1974, Jason’s Deli was born.

“Every single day there’s an abundant offering of fresh fruits and vegetables at Jason’s Deli.” 

As the Produce Director, Kimberly Andreason oversees the purchase and coordination of produce for all Jason’s Deli restaurants throughout the United States. The company works with over 30 produce growers and 33 distributors to determine what items will appear on the menu.

In 2018 alone, Jason’s Deli served over 34 million pounds of fresh produce to their customers. This abundance of fruits and vegetables makes it easy for families to get a healthy meal while on the go. Kimberly and the entire Jason’s Deli team are passionate about fresh produce. At Jason’s Deli, you know where your food is coming from, and this is just as important to the company as it is to today’s moms who are feeding their children for the future.


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction // Kimberly Andreason – 0:42
  • Jason’s Deli’s Food Values – 3:20
  • Founder’s Story – 5:55
  • Kimberly’s Role as the Produce Director – 7:58
  • How Much Produce Does Jason’s Deli Serve? – 9:10
  • The One Thing to Know About Dining Out at Jason’s Deli – 12:25
  • Wrap-up – 14:30

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Kimberly Andreason - Jason's Deli

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