How to Seed a Pomegranate

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Pomegranate is a nutrient-dense superfood & a classic flavor of fall!  The yummy seeds inside of the pom are called “arils.”  I love them.  And with this quick step-by-step, it’s never been easier to enjoy pomegranate arils.

How to Open a Pomegranate

How to Seed a Pomegranate

Step 1:

Work your knife around the top/calyx of the pomegranate in a circular fashion, being careful to not slice thru to the seeds.  Cut off bottom to create a flat surface, again without slicing thru to the seeds.

Step 2:

Find the ridges on the pomegranate.  A pomegranate is sort of like a basketball – it has ridges or grooves around the fruit.  Using a sharp knife, score the ridges… again, being careful to not slice thru to the seeds (or your finger!)

Step 3:

Break apart the pomegranate into its natural wedges.  You will be AMAZED at how easily it breaks apart… plus, there is NO mess with this method!

Step 4:

The arils will easily dislodge from the wedges.  It’s time to enjoy those little gems of yumminess.

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