How To Plant a Garden with Your Kids

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Can you smell SUMMER approaching?! Most kiddos are now out of school, or closing in on the end.  Summer can be quite overwhelming with vacations, sporting activities, going to the pool, and day camps, but remembering to live a healthy lifestyle can help the entire family accomplish their daily summer activities.

One great way to ensure a healthy summer lifestyle is by planting a garden with your kids! Gardens are a great way to inspire your kids to learn about fruits & vegetables as well as spend quality time together.  You do not need to have a large backyard to have a successful family garden.  Gardens come in all different shapes & sizes. Decide on a size that works best for your family.  Whether your garden ends up in a container, in the ground, or in a raised bed, it will create a memorable event for you and your kids!

Follow these simple steps & you will have a garden in no time!

How to Plant a Garden with Your Kids

1. As a family, decide what you want to grow in your garden. Identifying the types of produce you will be growing will help you to decide the best placement for the garden.

According to USDA, beets, carrots, cherry tomatoes, collard greens, cucumbers, green beans, herbs, lettuce, okra, onion, and peppers are the easiest produce varieties for kids to grow, because they can all grow in a container.

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2. After determining the placement of your garden, grab some potting soil & the seeds.  Take this time to encourage your kids to plant the seeds.  The more hands-on your kids are through this process, the more likely they will be to try the fruit and/or veggie that you are planting.

3. Time to wait! This can be a difficult step for the children, especially if they are younger, but allowing them to water the plants each day will still make them feel engaged in the growing process.  Eventually, the plant(s) will produce the specific fruit and/or veggie and it will be time to pick!

4.  After picking the fruit/vegetable, ask your kids what recipe they would like to try.  Some may just want to dip the produce in their favorite sauce & eat right away!

Growing a garden can be a great experience for the entire family.  By coming together and learning about the produce varieties, kids will be more willing to try new fruits/vegetables.  Make sure to share photos during your family’s growing process!

Good luck 🙂

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