Four Corn Hacks for Summer Cookouts

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No cookout is complete without golden, buttery sweet corn! At its peak in summer, fresh sweet corn is sweet and flavorful – which is why corn on the cob is a standby at barbeques big and small. Each juicy little kernel bursts as you take a bite!

But what’s the best way to prepare this summertime gold? We’ve teamed up with the sweet corn experts at Dandy to bring you four corn hacks for making the most delectable corn on the block!

So how are you cooking your corn on the cob?

On the Grill

Corn on the cob is a natural fit at any cookout, not least because it tastes great on the grill! That savory seared flavor combines with corn’s natural sweetness for an experience that’s the epitome of summer.

So what’s the secret to the best grilled corn? The first of our corn hacks is simple: leave the husk on! Don’t shuck your corn until you’re ready to eat it. The husk protects the ear within from physical damage, but it also helps preserve the flavor and juiciness of the corn kernels themselves. And it’s nature’s perfect grilling aid!

Easy corn hacks

With the husk still on, place your corn on the grill for about five to six minutes, then flip it. You should see grill marks on the outside of the husk. Leave it on this side for another five to six minutes before removing it from the grill.

Peel back the husk carefully – the corn inside is hot and may release steam! The corn is ready to eat once you’ve removed the husks. But for a little extra flavor you can place the shucked corn back on the grill for a couple more minutes, just until they’ve picked up some grill marks.

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In the Microwave, in the Husk

Don’t have a grill handy? You can still make incredible corn in your microwave, and we’re not just talking about popcorn! Using our corn hacks, you can make a tasty, steaming ear of corn in just minutes with this kitchen essential.

Add some grill marks!

Our hack to making tasty microwave corn on the cob is actually quite similar to our grill hack: leave the husk on! In the microwave, the husk helps keep heat inside the corn and cooks it evenly. Start by cutting off the top and tail of the husk, basically cutting it down to the length of the ear itself. Place each one individually in the microwave for three to five minutes.

When it’s ready, the cooked corn should slide right out of the husk. It’s that easy! Now, just add some butter (and maybe a little bit of chili powder) and enjoy your tasty corn on the cob!

In the Microwave, Without the Husk

No husk? No problem! Not everyone wants to deal with the husk when making corn on the cob. If you have ears that were packaged and sold pre-shucked or simply want to shuck your corn before cooking it, our corn hacks have you covered.

The key to cooking pre-shucked corn is to make your own “husk” for each corn cob. Wrap each cob individually in a damp (not wet!) paper towel. Microwave them one at a time for about three to five minutes each. It may be time consuming, but the warm, evenly-cooked corn will be worth it!

Microwave + paper towel trick Microwave + paper towel trick

Be careful as you get them out of the microwave. The paper towels will get hot as they cook, and the corn inside will be even hotter – just like they would be inside the husk. Use a towel to remove them to avoid burning yourself. Then just crack open the butter and enjoy!

In the Air Fryer

Air fryers have quickly become one of our most-used kitchen appliances. They can make so many delicious dishes! This versatile air-powered oven can make some of our favorites with less fat than other cooking methods. And they can cook up a one-of-a-kind corn on the cob, too!

Our air fryer corn hacks require husk-free corn. Either shuck it yourself before frying it or buy the packaged pre-shucked variety at the store. You can cook two ears at a time in your air fryer.

Bite into tasty, juicy corn

Start by spraying down the air fryer basket with olive oil or another cooking oil. Season each ear with salt and pepper. Set the air fryer to cook at 375 degrees. When it’s ready, place two ears in the basket and cook in the air fryer for 10 minutes, or until the kernels are tender and lightly browned. The amount of time you’ll need to cook them for may vary depending on the size of your corn, how full the air fryer basket is, and the size and model of air fryer you’re using.

When they’re finished, your ears of corn will be just a touch browned and delightfully juicy. This is one of our favorite corn hacks because like the grilling method, it produces uniquely flavorful corn on the cob. Season yours however you like and enjoy an ear unlike any other!

Making corn on the cob easy

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Delicious Dandy sweet corn

What Are Your Corn Hacks?

Got a favorite way to prepare your corn on the cob that we didn’t list here? Share it with us! Tell us how you make the perfect corn in the comments below or tag us on Instagram @theproducemoms and @dandyfreshproduce.

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