Episode 77: Looking Back on 2019 and What the Future Has in Store for the Fresh Produce Industry

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The Produce Moms Podcast

Looking Back on 2019 and What the Future Has in Store for the Fresh Produce Industry

As we wind down another year and look to 2020, The Produce Moms team is taking a look back on our biggest takeaways, favorite podcast episodes, and industry trends to look out for.

Episode 77: Looking Back on 2019 and What the Future Has in Store for the Fresh Produce IndustryWe’ve done some amazing work this year with Kroger Health and supporting their mission to spread their message of health through their Fresh for Everyone initiative and other projects. We’ve added new brand partners and have had some breakthrough media opportunities, which is helping us reach an even larger audience. 

The Fresh Summit, the Super Bowl of the fresh produce industry, brings all brands involved in the industry together to showcase their new products. We were so proud to be involved in the event and see the Produce Moms logo on the packaging of one of the Crunch Pak products. The company’s Apple Slices product is a perfect fit for our company and the audience we serve. 

Most Memorable Moments of 2019 on The Produce Moms Podcast

The podcast is one of my favorite platforms for spreading our message of better health through fresh fruits and vegetables. It lets us highlight the remarkable people who are helping the industry achieve so much more. 

Interviewing the founder and CEO of Hazel Technologies was a personal favorite podcast moment. Hazel Technologies is working to reduce food waste, which is a critical issue for the global food supply. 

In other episodes, we discussed the process of recycling as well as how the produce industry is leading the way in packaging innovations. We highlighted the role that plastic can play in mitigating food waste—something that most people don’t understand. 

We did an episode on the coconut fruit and its misclassification as a tree nut by the FDA, which is a big problem when you consider the impact this can have on food labeling.

Fruits and Vegetables are Here to Stay

The growing interest in plant-based eating is an indication that fruits and vegetables are here to stay. A trend to watch out for in 2020 is plant breeding that focuses on flavor first in a way that’s never been done before. Today’s growers are using new methods for enhancing the quality of the foods they produce and distribute.

Medjool dates have emerged as a healthy, satisfying, sweet, and natural treat. It’s like nature’s candy. If you’ve never tried a Medjool date,  2020 is your year to try them.” – Lori Taylor (12:58-13:13)

Jicama, celery juice, and dried fruits continue to become popular among health-conscious consumers. Herbs like basil are being recognized for their ability to make just about anything taste better. 

Many people have reached out to The Produce Moms team about pomegranates. Most people’s experience with this delicious fruit is through drinking pomegranate juice. But the fruit’s small edible seeds can also be found in your local grocery store.

Reflecting on everything we’ve done this year gives us a tremendous feeling of gratitude. We could not be more thankful for everyone who supports the work we do here at The Produce Moms. 

It takes a lot of passionate people bringing their talents to the table, and we look forward to what 2020 has in store for us and for you and your family. 

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