Episode 65: Apeel Sciences is Using Food to Protect Food and Reduce Global Waste

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“A third to a half of all the food we produce is wasted. There’s a food supply gap that we can begin to close and make an impact on if we just waste less.” – Natalie Shuman – (4:58-5:12)

Apeel Sciences is one of the most buzz-worthy brands and products in produce, agriculture, and the entire world. Natalie Shuman paved her path in the fresh produce industry. Now, she’s the director of trade and retail marketing for Apeel Sciences, a company developing a product line of solutions made from the materials found in the fruits and vegetables we eat. They’ve created an edible and invisible “second peel” that can increase the shelf life of the produce you find in your local grocery store, benefiting the entire supply chain all the way to consumers’ homes. 

Apeel Sciences is making a tremendous impact on our global food supply chain and mitigating food waste. The demand on the global food supply is expected to increase by 70% between now and 2050, and we currently waste a third to a half of all the food we produce. 

“You’ll never feel bad about inspiring and encouraging people to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.” – Natalie Shuman (8:23-8:29)

The company has some of the smartest and most innovative scientists and business people behind it. They have a passion to help battle the global food waste crisis by using science to improve our food system and reduce perishability. They’re applying their knowledge and skills in the mission to find solutions that work with nature, not against it, to ultimately help feed a growing population. 

Apeel Sciences is elevating the produce industry and every human being that lives on this earth with a product that extends the shelf life of foods. The product is applied to produce in the post-harvest stage of the supply chain. This minimizes food waste from the time that the produce is packed and transported. It’s been tested and shown that it can double or triple the shelf life of foods. 

“We can’t take a bad piece of fruit and make it better. What we can do is take a great piece of fruit and extend the length of time that fruit can be consumed.” – Natalie Shuman (12:27-12:38)

Apeel Sciences is partnering with top growers and suppliers in the country and around the world to extend quality and freshness in several produce categories including avocados, citrus, and asparagus. It’s helping increase sales for retailers who reduce the amount of food they have to throw out. This also indicates how consumers are responding, showing an even greater demand for produce solutions. The product is made from the materials that you can already find in the peels, seeds, and pulp of fresh fruits and vegetables. The product is a solution that uses food to protect food. Apeel Sciences products are making their way into many popular grocery stores, including Kroger, Harps Food Stores, and Martin’s Super Markets. Their brand is proving to be an important one for agriculture and the world. 

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Episode 65: Apeel Science

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