EP63: How Krissy Farms is Delivering Organic Foods to Support Today’s Babies and Their Families

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Episode 63: How Krissy Farms is Delivering Organic Foods to Support Today’s Babies and Their Families

“Krissy Farms brand is about putting together food, fun, families, and farms. It’s a lifestyle brand that promotes health and wellness from the very first bite.” – Kristyn Lawson (7:58-8:15)

The food mothers feed their babies lays the foundation for long-term health. Organic food products sourced from high-quality produce are essential to their development. Kristyn Lawson is the founder and CEO of Krissy Farms, an organic food line for babies that parents will soon find in their local grocery stores. Products like these are disrupting the baby food market and improving the ways parents can connect their children with delicious and healthy produce.  

Krissy Farms

“My whole produce career has been about engaging shoppers and people in the produce industry and doing things that make food more accessible, easy, and flavorful.” – Kristyn Lawson (4:52-5:03)

The birth of Krissy Farms 

The idea for Krissy Farms came about 10 years ago when Kristyn saw a void in the baby food market. Working in the food industry, Kristyn saw new products being introduced while always expecting someone to develop amazing baby puree products. But those products never appeared. So Kristyn took it upon herself to develop and market foods that focus on delivering fresh fruits and vegetables for everyone at every age. Kristyn’s grandparents owned a farm, giving her the ideal environment for learning the value of fresh produce. 

Kristyn’s work in the produce industry guided her towards developing her own organic food line for babies. Kristyn knew that many food products fell short in delivering the nutrition babies need and the flavors that influence healthy eating. Some products had soapy or strange flavors. Knowing that a person’s taste buds develop early in life, Kristyn saw the importance of delivering the foods babies would enjoy. 

Great tasting food starts with vegetables and fruit

Over 4 million babies are born each year, leading to a tremendous opportunity for Krissy Farms to make a positive impact on their future. Their organic baby food line is just one example of how today’s food companies can support the relationship people have with the foods they eat. Mothers want to know that the foods they put in their babies’ mouths are responsibly sourced. Kristyn’s experience in the food industry taught her the importance of food sourcing. She learned how the growth and harvesting process can impact a food’s flavor.  So when it came time to create Krissy Farms line of baby food products, she knew that great tasting food starts with fresh vegetables and fruit. Krissy Farms is launching six flavors consisting of three sweet and three savory options. This gives parents the flexibility they need to ensure that their children have the variety and great taste they need to grow up healthy. 

“If you’re going to spend your money anywhere in the grocery store, make sure you’re spending your money in the produce department first.” – Lori Taylor (12:34-12:38)

Organic baby food products support mothers who are making an effort to provide delicious and nutritious foods to their families. There’s not always enough time to prepare food from scratch. So choosing organic food products offers a convenience that helps parents deliver the nutrients their children need. Health-conscious moms know that if we’re going to spend money on groceries, we need to spend the majority of it in the produce department. Krissy Farms will make its way to grocery store shelves by the end of this year with coast-to-coast distribution on the horizon in 2020! Having a brand like Krissy Farms provides the perfect option to feeding our children, giving us security and confidence that our little ones are getting the best foods available. 

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