Episode 56: 7 Minutes to Less Stress and More Energy with Lee Holden

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Episode 56: 7 Minutes to Less Stress and More Energy with Lee Holden

“Qi Gong helps us get into that flow state where we feel our best selves and bring our best selves into all the activities of our lives.” – Lee Holden (8:56-9:08)

Would you like to be able to release stress and gain energy in just a few minutes?

By practicing a form of ancient Chinese medicine called Qi Gong, you can do just that. It’s an easy feel-good practice. It can be done in just a short amount of time to access your internal energy. And it can clear stress and tension out of your system.

Qi Gong involves stretching and breathing exercises along with flowing movements. It is easier than either Yoga or Tai Chi. It is actually the most widely practiced form of exercise in the world – even though it’s not well-known in the western hemisphere.

Lee Holden, a doctor of Chinese medicine and a world-renowned teacher of Qi Gong, is working to change that. By bringing it to public television and working with corporations like Weight Watchers, he has been able to make Qi Gong more mainstream and accessible to westerners.

“What you’ve done is taken this ancient practice of Chinese medicine and translated into the modern western lifestyle.”  – Lori Taylor (4:47-5:03)

The key to Qi Gong’s overall effectiveness is doing it consistently and habitually. Just like brushing your teeth – most dentists recommend doing it at least twice a day. Doing Qi Gong twice a day can also bring the results you desire. Taking breaks of seven minutes or so and doing Qi Gong throughout the day can recharge your whole system and make you more efficient.

Lee often calls Qi Gong “mindfulness in motion.” By practicing Qi Gong, we can meet life’s demands with relaxation and flow instead of stress and tension. Qi Gong is a means of gaining energy to flow with life’s demands and not get stressed out, tense, and depleted.

Fruits and vegetables are the ultimate Qi.

In connecting Qi Gong to fresh produce and healthy eating, Lee emphasizes that eating is really about gaining energy (Qi). It gives our bodies the nourishment it needs to perform. The Qi (energy) of food is important, which is why getting enough fruits and veggies in your diet is so important. They give us that Qi that we need to get us through our days and keep us healthy.

“Our bodies have tremendous healing power. And if we remove the blocks and charge up the system, our bodies heal themselves.” – Lee Holden (23:41-23:50)

In our western mindset, we often think that we need to take something to make ourselves feel better. However, in the long run, taking something can create other problems. Having tools and resources to take charge of our own health and healing is tremendously empowering. The practice of Qi Gong is that tool.

Visit Lee’s website for 30-day Qi Gong challenge that only requires seven minutes of your time each day! It’s great for moms (and dads) to do with their kids each day to give everyone a nice dose of energy and stress relief.  Qi Gong will give the whole family a wonderful resource to deal with all of life’s demands.

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Episode 56: Qi Gong

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