Episode 307: Tony Freytag and Steve Brazeel

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The conversation revolves around the Food as Medicine movement and the role of fresh fruits and vegetables in promoting health and wellness. The guests, Tony Freytag and Steve Brazeel, share insights on the impact of food as medicine, the challenges in the retail and healthcare sectors, and the need for collaboration between the produce industry and healthcare organizations. They also discuss the terminology used in the movement and the importance of fresh produce in addressing health conditions.


  • The Food as Medicine movement emphasizes the role of fresh fruits and vegetables in promoting health and wellness.
  • Collaboration between the produce industry and healthcare organizations is essential for the success of food as medicine initiatives.
  • The terminology used in the movement, such as ‘food as wellness’ or ‘food as health,’ reflects the ongoing debate and the need for cohesive messaging.
  • Challenges in the retail sector, including competition with pharmaceuticals and the need for broader partnerships, are key considerations in advancing the food is medicine movement.


00:00 Introduction to the Food is Medicine Movement

09:20 The Role of Fresh Produce in Healthcare Initiatives

21:16 Public Policy Initiatives and Partnerships

26:34 Debating the Terminology: Food as Wellness or Food as Health


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