Episode 293: CarrieAnn Arias, Tristan Simpson, and Karen Nardozza

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In this episode, Lori Taylor hosts a roundtable discussion with Karen Nardozza, CarrieAnn Arias, and Tristan Simpson, who are thought leaders in the produce industry. They explore various trends in the industry, including plant-based foods, functional foods, flavor and culinary innovations, and convenience. The conversation highlights the importance of flavor, convenience, and sustainability in driving consumption of fruits and vegetables. The episode concludes with each participant sharing their predictions for the future of the industry. In this episode, the guests discuss the future of the produce industry and identify key trends and opportunities for success in 2024. They highlight the growing popularity of Caribbean and tropical flavors, the importance of new varieties in driving consumer interest, the intersection of food and beverage, the rise of experiential retailing, and the potential for a sensory experience in the produce department.


  • Flavor and convenience are key drivers of consumption in the produce industry.
  • Plant-based and functional foods are gaining popularity, but consumers are becoming more discerning about ingredients.
  • The trend of global flavors and culinary innovations is expanding, with a focus on bold and exotic flavors.
  • Convenience is a growing demand, and companies need to prioritize clean ingredient statements and personalization.
  • The produce industry should continue to focus on sustainability and finding innovative ways to reduce food waste. Caribbean and tropical flavors, such as dragon fruit and papayas, are positioned for success in 2024.
  • New varieties of fruits and vegetables will drive consumer interest and excitement.
  • The intersection of food and beverage will create new opportunities for innovation and product development.
  • Experiential retailing, with a focus on creating unique and immersive shopping experiences, will be a key driver of success.
  • The produce department has the potential to offer a sensory experience through color, smell, and sound.


00:00 Introduction and Welcome

01:15 Introducing the Thought Leadership Women of Produce

02:13 Trend Exploration: Plant-Based Foods

09:26 Trend Exploration: Functional Foods

19:53 Trend Exploration: Flavor and Culinary Innovations

27:10 Trend Exploration: Convenience Crave

37:33 Closing Remarks and Predictions

41:12 Positioned for Success in 2024: Caribbean and Tropical Flavors

43:59 New Varieties Driving Success in 2024

47:28 Intersection of Food and Beverage

49:05 Experiential Retailing

50:30 Sensory Experience in the Produce Department

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