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As a city-kid raised in New York, Founder of Black Girls Eat, LA Dunn’s parents always made sure she had a green vegetable at dinner. As she got older and noticed some changes to her body, she decided to take her nutrition into her own hands while teaching other women how they can too.

It can be difficult, at times, to find a doctor that can advocate for your health but LA Dunn found one in a rheumatologist when she realized she was having chronic aches and pains. After taking signals from her body, LA began researching more into whole foods and plant-based nutrition. While she assumed this would limit her access to healthy and enjoyable meals, it, in fact, did the opposite.

After taking classes and doing the research, LA changed her mindset on not only how she cooks, but how she shops. Focusing more around plants for meals, rather than meat opened her up to try new things and be adventurous with her food.

With a background in education, LA always hungered to not only learn more, but share her knowledge. After learning what she did for herself, she started sharing it with other women. Discussions turned into shopping trips, and then into cooking and having these experiences together. This is what went on to inspire her to create Black Girls Eat.

Episode 170 LA Dunn Quote

While back then it was simple to meet in-person and have these discussions about nutrition, COVID-19 made everything take a bit of a turn. As they were unable to gather and shop together as easily, LA began to focus more on virtual learning. With the ability to add more to the website, Black Girls Eat expanded to virtual coaching, and added various partnerships.

Sometimes when we hear the term “plant-based”, our minds immediately go to labels like Vegetarian, Vegan or Pescetarian. But these types of labels can be overwhelming and intimidating when looking for whole food nutrition. LA’s goal with Black Girls Eat is to be an advocate for her clients to simply eat better and differently.

Accessibility can be a major roadblock when clients consider plant-based nutrition, but LA and Black Girls Eat show that there are budget friendly options that are not also pre-packaged, processed food. Thanks to a partnership with Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in New York, Black Girls Eat is able to educate clients on the possibilities and ease of urban farming and sustainability.

While they can be picky eaters at times, it can be important to get children more involved as well. By explaining why you’re making certain food choices, LA tells her clients this can help with their understanding along with development of their own choices in the future.

There are a lot of things that ail our bodies and making better food choices is something that we can control. While a change might be overwhelming for some, LA wants to be that cheerleader for her clients on their plant-based nutrition journey.

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