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What is STEM?

STEM stands for an idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It is an applied, blended and cohesive approach that encourages a hands-on experience while allowing students a chance to gain and apply relevant “real world” knowledge in the classroom.

STEM has become a critical component to nation-wide Academic Standards. Together with HMC Farms and a middle school science teacher, we developed two STEM projects for middle school students using grapes. Because why not combine a science experiment with one of the most popular fruits?

The best part about our two grape STEM experiments…you can download them and print them off for FREE.


Grapes for STEM Projects

Grape Smash. Our Grape Smash STEM Project is designed for students to practice classification along with learning about the Law of Conservation of Mass.

STEM: Grape Smash

Grape Smash Downloadable


Dancing Grapes. Our Dancing Grapes STEM project focuses on using the POE (Predict-Observe-Explain) strategy.  Predicting, Observing and Explaining incorporates the fundamental processes associated with all discovery learning. This project allows students to use all 5 senses and allows them to communicate and demonstrate their understandings through written and visual explanations.

Dancing Grapes 3 Pages STEM: Dancing Grapes

STEM - Dancing Grapes 2


Dancing Grapes Downloadable

About HMC Farms

HMC FarmsHMC Farms is the pioneer of grapes for school foodservice.  They first introduced the Lunch Bunch in 1979. HMC Farms  has spent 40 years providing grapes to schools in virtually any format that helps them serve grapes better. Whether on the stem, off the stem, individually packed, or in bulk, they offer grapes your way 52 weeks a year.

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Elementary Activity Sheet Downloadables from HMC Farms

Love Grapes with All Your Heart Activity Sheet

Grapes at Midnight Activity Sheet

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