10 Ways to Shake Up Your Eating Habits

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Often, we get stuck in the groove of eating the same meals/snacks every day and forget to change up our eating habits. Well, how about making today the day you mix things up a bit?! If we eat too much of the same foods, we may be avoiding vital nutrients that only exist in foods not currently in our diet. By trying a new food, or simply adjusting our snack choices, we can ensure our consumption of all essential daily nutritional needs. Plus, who doesn’t like to rest in the fact they are consuming a well-balanced diet?! Encourage your family & friends to join you on the journey of trying new fruits & veggies and having healthy eating habits!

10 Ways to Shake Up Your Eating Habits:

1.  If you like bananas, try plantains. Plantains have 4% more potassium, 21% more Vitamin A, and 16% more Vitamin C than bananas.

2.  Replace salad croutons with sunflower seeds or pecans.

3.  If you like oranges, try blood oranges. The red pigment of blood oranges is a result of an elevated level of anthocyanins, which are natural antioxidants.

4.  Replace your daily soda pop with refreshing cucumber water.

5.  Add blueberries or strawberries instead of sugar to your breakfast oatmeal.

6.  Replace french fries with a baked potato.

7.  Substitute trail mix filled with dried fruit & nuts for a candy bar.

8.  Whip up a batch of banana nut muffins instead of grabbing a donut on the way to work.

9.  Substitute an avocado for butter in your favorite recipes.

10.  Most importantly, try making meals at home instead of hitting the drive thru!

10 Ways to Shake Up Your Eating Habits


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