Stocking Stuffer Idea: StickyLickits Edible Stickers

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Don’t buy another cheap toy the kids don’t want or need! This year, put StickyLickits All Natural Edible Stickers into your kids’ stockings. These edible stickers make fruits & veggies FUN for kids!


StickyLickits are edible stickers. Wait!…. What? Yes, stickers you can eat! No kidding! No sugar, No gluten, No GMO, No soy, No dairy, No peanuts or tree nuts. No artificial ingredients whatsoever. They’re also Vegan and Kosher. They makes kids of all ages want to eat fruits and veggies. Just choose your favorite sticker, peel it off the page, lick the back and stick it on a piece of fruit or veg, then eat the whole thing! Lick it! Stick it! Eat It!

We have seen this product change kids’ attitudes about fresh produce. We all want fruits & veggies to be something our kids WANT to eat. StickyLickits edible stickers can help make that happen!

These stickers are PERFECT for holiday gifts. We included StickyLickits in our 2019 Gift Guide, and we truly view them as a MUST for your stocking stuffers this holiday season.

There are StickyLickits for all ages and interests, including:


You can even find them on Amazon!

Happy Holidays!

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