A Fresh Start with Sarah’s Homegrown Agua Fresca

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Looking for a fresh start in the new year? We’re looking for new ways to improve our lives and leave 2020 behind. That’s why we’re excited to share Sarah’s Homegrown Agua Fresca, fresh and fruity drinks that are bursting with both flavor and nutrition! Agua fresca is a guilt-free way to add more fruit to your diet and stay hydrated. Whether you’re resolving to get more exercise, give up soda, or make another healthy change, Sarah’s Homegrown teas, lemonades, and agua frescas are a delicious way to keep to your commitments. 

What Makes Sarah’s Homegrown Agua Fresca Special? 

Agua frescas place fruit front and center. With ingredients as simple as fruit, sugar, and water, an agua fresca is the most authentic way to drink a fruit. Each Sarah’s Homegrown Agua Fresca variety is made with all-natural, GMO-free ingredients and is completely free from concentrates. The process of blending the fruit into a drink creates a naturally vibrant beverage that can be enjoyed over ice or straight from the bottle. 

Sarah's Homegrown Agua Fresca

Sarah’s Homegrown Agua Fresca is available in three delectable varieties. For a splash of summer even in the wintery first months of the new year, try a bottle of Strawberry Fresca. Watermelon Fresca is an ideal drink for any workout session. Bring it on a run or to the gym and see how watermelon helps you stay hydrated for a better workout. And finally, naturally sweet Mango Fresca is balanced with a bit of pineapple juice and can brighten any cloudy winter day.

Each flavor can stand alone, but try topping off a glass with some sparkling wine for a fizzy treat! It’s a fabulous way to ring in the new year! 

Sarah's Homegrown Agua Fresca Mimosa



Sarah's Homegrown Agua Fresca Mimosa

The benefits go beyond flavor. Each 12-ounce bottle of Sarah’s Homegrown Agua Fresca contains just 60 calories. With 15g – 16g carbs and 14g – 15g sugar, these agua frescas are the perfect way to add fruit to any diet, even on the go. Their natural ingredients can also help boost your body’s immune system, so drink more agua fresca to have a tasty, healthy 2021. 

Fresh From the Fields

These incredible fresh drinks are the brainchild of Frey Farms and Sarah’s Homegrown founder Sarah Frey. The United Fresh Women In Produce’s 2020 Honoree started small — buying the fields she grew up on in southern Illinois to found her agricultural ventures. With pluck and agricultural know-how, Sarah Frey has expanded to farms in Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, Indiana, Missouri, and West Virginia. This means Frey Farms can grow different fruits and vegetables year-round, including many of the ingredients found in every bottle of Sarah’s Homegrown Agua Fresca. 

Sarah's Homegrown Agua Fresca

A sense of responsibility has helped shape Sarah Frey’s career and the products she creates. For example, the juices, purees, and cane sugars in each bottle of agua fresca are sustainably farmed and help reduce food waste. How? Much of the produce used to make these drinks are so-called “ugly fruits” or ones that grew in odd shapes that grocery stores don’t want to stock on their shelves. But it’s still perfectly good, so Sarah’s Homegrown simply blends it to make agua fresca. Responsible agriculture and food waste reduction is something we can get behind! 

Want to hear more about Sarah’s Homegrown Agua Fresca straight from the farmer herself? Listen to Episode 127 of The Produce Moms Podcast, in which she and Hilary Long tell us about the process of growing and making agua fresca and the benefits it can bring you. Sarah also joined us in Episode 113 to share her story and talk about the innovation of Frey Farms, Sarah’s Homegrown, and her other brand, Tsamma™ Watermelon Juice

Get the full story in Sarah’s memoir The Growing Season: How I Built a New Life–and Saved an American Farm. Find this “gutsy success story” (The New York Times Book Review) at a bookstore near you!

Sarah's Homegrown Agua Fresca

Join in the fresh fruit craze and pick up one or all of Sarah’s Homegrown Agua Fresca flavors at your local grocery store! Want to share these flavors with friends? Take a photo with your favorite agua fresca flavor, post it on Instagram, and tag us @theproducemoms and @sarahshomegrown.

Sarah's Homegrown Agua Fresca

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