Roma Tomatoes

How to Select Roma Tomatoes

  • Choose plump roma tomatoes that are heavy for their size. A ripe tomato should have a firm and smooth skin that gives slightly under pressure.
  • Roma tomatoes should be free of any cracks, blemishes, or bruising. They should be a deep red in color, however roma tomatoes that are just slightly green will continue to ripen when you bring them home.
  • Smell the roma tomato: it should have a pleasant fragrance. Roma tomatoes without any scent were likely picked too early and won’t ripen.
  • Avoid buying roma tomatoes from refrigerated cases, as cold damages them and stops the ripening process.

How to Store Roma Tomatoes

How To Store Roma Tomatoes: Store tomatoes in an open container on your counter out of any sunlight. If your roma tomatoes were sold in a container that allows airflow, simply leave them in that container. Avoid refrigerating roma tomatoes unless they’ve been sliced. Ripe roma tomatoes will last a few days on your counter.

How To Freeze Roma Tomatoes: You’ll need to cook roma tomatoes to get the best results from freezing them. Start by removing the tops and cores of the tomatoes. You may quarter them or leave them whole. Cook the roma tomatoes in simmering water for about 15 minutes or until they’ve softened. Puree the tomatoes in a food processor and pour into a freezer-safe sealable plastic bag or container. Pureed roma tomatoes will keep in the freezer for about 1 year.

How to Serve Roma Tomatoes