If You Like This… Try That! New Fruits and Veggies to Enjoy

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New Fruits and Vegetables to Try (based on what you already know and love)

There are those people who can eat the same things day after day and are completely content. If you’re one of those people, great! But for the rest of us, it can be tiring to eat the same things all the time.

Did you know many shoppers buy the same five or six produce items each week, even though the produce department offers some of the best variety in the grocery store? Does this sound like you? If you aren’t venturing out and trying new produce, you’re missing out! Eating a wide range of fruits and veggies increases the variety of vitamins and minerals you give your body. And it makes meals more exciting!

We’ve put together this guide to help you venture outside of your comfort zone. The next time you shop the grocery store, print this list and you’ll know which new produce items you’ll like based on what you already eat and enjoy.

To make things more fun, we’re challenging you to try one new produce item each time you grocery shop this month. After all, we love a good challenge around here! 🙂

New Fruits and Vegetables to Try (based on what you already love)

Fruit and Vegetable Recommendations and Substitutions

Be sure to report back on which new fruits and vegetables you try this month. And if you have your own recommendation, comment below to let others know.

Here are a few more tips on how to shake up your eating habits.

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  1. I tried a new potato from the Caribbean called Dasheem a potato that has purple little dots in it.quite starchy but delicious

  2. I’ve never tried cooking with Buddha’s Hand, but I did infuse vodka with it awhile back. It has such a strong citrus flavor. It makes for great cocktails!