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The Dodge family Left to Right: Ty Dodge, Trey Dodge, Allan Dodge, Trevor Dodge, Trent Dodge

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Pro Citrus Network was established in 2004 with the vision of marketing high-quality citrus on a year-round scale by citrus veteran Allan Dodge. “PCN was started because it was a goal of mine to own my own business. Since I had worked on the grower side to the packing side, the natural next step was marketing.” Allan said, reflecting on its inception. This progression led to the business launching in the Dodge’s living room, and they never looked back.

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The History and Legacy of Pro Citrus Network

“We started in November of ‘04 and knew we wanted to help growers market their products. To have another avenue than just the big corporate companies, as more of a relationship driven, hands-on company that catered to the people that needed a little more attention.”

With a couple dedicated partners (Jacquie Ediger and Hector Gonzalez), Allan led the charge in starting as a domestic citrus brokerage house and importer from Chile. Over the years, PCN expanded its reach and operations to the Port of Florida and the Port of Houston for their growing imports programs. In the spirit of pioneering, PCN was the first to import citrus (lemons) into Port Houston. Several years later, an East coast division was established to better serve that region of the nation. 

PCN Leadership Team from the early years: Hector Gonzalez, Jacquie Ediger and Allan Dodge

Pro Citrus Network: 20 Years of Farming Legacy

Approaching nearly two decades since PCN’s start, Allan now has three out of his four boys working with him in various capacities, with the youngest planning to return after finishing school at Fresno State. “Over the past 20 years we have always set goals, and reached those goals. So for the next 20 years, it’s going to be exciting to see the boys develop, and their wives that are involved, to see how they do business, how they plan for growth, and to see it expand because of the differences in technology and a refreshed generational thought process. And, for me to step back and watch them further grow the business.” reflected Allan.

The Dodge family
Left to Right: Ty Dodge, Trey Dodge, Allan Dodge, Trevor Dodge, Trent Dodge

Extending responsibility beyond his own scope to those he leads has been a pivotal aspect of Allan’s visionary leadership approach. “Being a grower myself, I know most of the time sales and marketing are not well connected to the grower. And most growers, whether it’s this industry or other industries, are the last to get paid. So, getting them to understand what a grower has to endure, financially, whether it’s labor issues, water issues, or inflation, whatever it is. The mindset needs to be that the grower must survive. We have a few of our sales people partnered in growing so they fully understand what it takes and to be a good steward of what they’re given.” 

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Building a Family Tradition

cup open citrus in the field

This thoughtfulness and respect for others has propelled PCN to its current position. Allan consistently emphasizes the company’s mission: “To enjoy ourselves while working hard to meet the needs and mutual common goals of our business partners.” This impacts all areas of the business and he adds to this saying, “Our number one core value is ‘Relationships.’ So doing things together seems to be the biggest success of everything we do.” 

Citrus is an industry with a tight-knit community, where people highly regard those who value relationships and acknowledge the hard work involved in providing for their families. This industry has played an invaluable role in Allan’s business and personal life, leaving him with a legacy to pass on to his sons.

For the Dodges, family is paramount, and their engagement in their work makes it all the more priceless. “It’s a business that feeds the world, and it’s a commodity that everyone can relate to. Whether it’s a sunny day and you have your tea with lemon, or it’s wintertime and you’re sick and you know you need Vitamin C. It’s just a great and wholesome product.” 

Meet the Dodge Family

Trevor Doge

Trevor Dodge, the oldest Dodge brother, oversees field operations and works closely with PCN’s sales team to plan out weekly demand and what’s available in the field.

Trent Dodge

Trent Dodge, the second son, works as a farm manager with 1,000 acres managed in the Central Valley, from the Arvin-Edison area up to Stone Corral.

Ty Dodge

Ty Dodge is a field man, working with growers and operations during the domestic season.

Trey Dodge

Trey Dodge is the youngest of the Dodge boys and is currently studying Agriculture Business at Fresno State University. 

To learn more about Pro Citrus Network, visit their website or connect with them on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIN.

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