All About Greenhouse Growing & Bananas!

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I was on Indy Style this morning and this time was extra special because my Canadian friends from Nature Fresh Farms were able to join me! It’s International Ag Day so there was no better time than today to discuss the importance of greenhouse growing! And of course we had to make a few delicious recipes!

Nature Fresh Farms is one of the largest greenhouse growers in the world! Their operation is amazing in so many ways. They grow their vegetables in a controlled climate where everything from the humidity, light and water is controlled. They even use bees to naturally pollinate! All while using 95% LESS water than traditional farming with higher yields!

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Nature Fresh Farms has excellent traceability initiatives in place for all of their produce. They can track vegetables back to the exact plant it came from! I really could go on and on about the amazing operations and innovative processes but let’s get to the yummy green tomatoes!!

If you’ve ever had a green tomato, it’s most likely been fried. But there are so many great recipes that don’t involve frying!

These Sicilian Green Tomatoes are one of my favorites and it’s a family recipe from Indianapolis Fruit!

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 4.23.50 PM

Click here for the full recipe!

I also made this delicious Green Tomato Bell Pepper Melt recipe from Nature Fresh. It brought all of the Indy Style crew around after the show!


See the recipe here!

On the second segment of Indy Style we went a little bananas with Chiquita Bananas!

I made this incredible Campfire Banana S’mores recipe without even needing a campfire! The recipe is simple plus it’s kid-friendly.



Click here for the full recipe!

If you know the Produce Mom you know my love for Bananas! It’s such an easy, on-the-go meal. We often eat regular bananas, but if you look around you’ll see that your grocery store may offer different varieties from manzanos to baby bananas to plantains. I encourage you to try them all!

Bananas are great to eat but they can serve as other purposes too. I was barefoot on set to show off this one!!


Rub the inside of the banana peel over the surface needing to be polished. Using a soft cloth, buff shoes in a circular motion. Nice & Shiny. It’s easy & works like a charm. Plus, you deserve shiny shoes!

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 4.01.02 PM

Since it’s Ag Day I wanted to share pictures from the Chiquita farms as well!

CBdotcom banana map

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