Episode 28: The Future of Agriculture with Beth Bechdol, President and CEO of Agrinovus Indiana

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Episode 28: The Future of Agriculture with Beth Bechdol, President and CEO of Agrinovus Indiana

“Agriculture is here to feed the world, to protect the planet, to make people’s lives better.”

This week, on The Produce Moms, Lori takes us on location to FFA Convention, inside The Blue Room, presented by Agrinovus and powered by Microsoft. Lori talks about the evolution of the FFA organization with Beth Bechdol, President and CEO of Agrinovus Indiana, and the visionary behind this room full of cutting-edge technological and agricultural display. Beth is a sixth generation farmer, passionate about the future of our AG industry. The Blue Room was birthed from a desire to put Indiana on the map as a leader in Bioscience and talent innovation.  

“The vision of the Blue Room was always to showcase the diversity of who is involved in innovation and who is working on technology. A lot of the coolest innovation is coming from an entrepreneur or one person who’s trying to solve a problem, trying to build a technology, trying to start a business”

When people think of agriculture, they may envision an old, dusty legacy. However, the AG industry and the FFA organization has evolved greatly in the last several years. At the FFA Convention in Indianapolis, the leaders of tomorrow’s agriculture industry come together to learn about the future of the AG. Listen in to learn more about The Blue Room and strides being made to catapult agriculture into the future.

“We now all realize agriculture is about so much more than just than just farming. Still fundamentally important. Still an entrepreneurial activity. Still something I hope young people get excited about. But now they can be business leaders, they can be scientists, they can be researchers, they can be digital marketers. ”

Connect with Agrinovus Indiana through their social media channels | @AgriNovusIn

Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction // Beth Bechdol – 1:14
  • What is FFA and why is it so important to American agriculture? – 3:56
  • Beth’s History with AG – 6:29
  • A Look Around the Blue Room Presented by AgraNovas and Powered by Microsoft – 10:05
  • The Story Behind the Blue Room – 13:29
  • Wrap-up – 18:01

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Episode 28

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