Episode 61: Connecting Consumers to the Sources of Their Food with Elisabeth Watkins

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Episode 61: Connecting Consumers to the Sources of Their Food with Elisabeth Watkins

“Elisabeth Watkins is 18 years old. She is the Founder of Farm Girl Chef and she won Chopped Junior on Food Network when she was a freshman in high school!” – Lori Taylor (0:48 – 0:55)

Elisabeth Watkins from Farm Girl Chef.

Elisabeth Watkins is only 18, but she has already accomplished so much. She won Chopped Junior, a reality-based cooking television game show on the Food Network when she was a freshman in high school. Elisabeth has won numerous awards, including the Youth in Action: Healthy Living 4-H. She is a mainstay on live TV in the Sacramento area, appearing over 50 times on different shows. Elisabeth is also the Founder of Farm Girl Chef, a blog that works to reconnect consumers to where their food comes from.

“The mission of Farm Girl Chef is to reconnect consumers to where their food comes from and how its produced.” – Elisabeth Watkins (6:08 – 6:14)

Having grown up on a farm in Linden, California, Elisabeth is intimately familiar with the diversity of agriculture in the state. She grew up all around specialty produce commodities like walnuts, almonds, cherries, peaches. She naturally grew an inclination to start cooking with a wide variety of fresh-grown ingredients. Now, Elisabeth has been able to take her passion for cooking with locally grown produce and turn it into a communications business. She teaches consumers about food grown in California through appearances on local television, radio and through her blog.

Farm Girl Chef’s mission.

Growing up, Elisabeth was surrounded by farmers. Her family is full of farmers. And all of her neighbors are farmers as well. Needless to say, she has witnessed first-hand the amount of effort farmers put forth to make sure that our food is safe for consumption and of the highest quality. She also knows that the farmers don’t have the time to educate the consumers about the benefits of buying locally grown produce. 

For that reason, Elisabeth founded Farm Girl Chef to reconnect consumers to where their food comes from and how its produced. She also wants to inspire people to get back in the kitchen and cook with fresh ingredients and fresh produce.

Elisabeth’s favorite produce items.

When she’s on TV in Sacramento, or when she’s posting a recipe on her blog, Elisabeth focuses on ingredients that are in season. She also focuses on more unusual or under-the-radar the produce itemsr. For example, California used to grow a lot of asparagus, but due to various reasons, now there’s only one grower left in the state. So, Elisabeth has been trying to do her part to promote asparagus.

Besides in-season and under-the-radar produce items, Elisabeth has a thing for Brussels sprouts. She’s also a fan of eggplants, and she has been known to cook up some delicious eggplant lasagna from time to time.

“I want to inspire people to get back in the kitchen and cook with fresh ingredients.” – Elisabeth Watkins (6:48 – 6:53)

If you’re interested in learning more about produce that is grown in California, as well as across America, be sure to check out Farm Girl Chef. You will also learn about Elisabeth’s farm background and find some delicious recipes that are sure to be a hit at your next party.

Connect with Elisabeth on Farm Girl Chef, Pinterest or Instagram.

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Episode 61: Farm Girl Chef

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