Episode 32: Sustainability for a Healthier Planet with Nikki Rodoni, Founder & CEO of Measure to Improve

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The Produce Moms Podcast

Episode 32: Sustainability for a Healthier Planet with Nikki Rodoni, Founder & CEO of Measure to Improve

“Sustainability is meeting the needs of the future without compromising future generations.”

This week on the Produce Moms podcast, we are learning more about sustainability from Nikki Rodoni, the Founder and CEO of Measure to Improve. Measure to Improve exists to help producers and processors measure, improve and credibly promote their sustainability efforts. They provide analysis, resources and training, among many other services.  

“The produce industry truly defines what sustainability means. We’ve been in business for second, third, fourth generations, and we’re still in business.”

Contrary to popular belief, sustainability expands beyond the confines of being environmentally friendly. Learn more about the Three P’s of Sustainability – People, Planet and Profit – and the work Measure to Improve does to implement greater sustainability in all of these areas. Nikki Rodoni saw a need for sustainability in our produce markets and used innovation to provide calculated impact and measurable results. Listen in to learn how you can join Nikki and Measure to Improve and make your own efforts in achieving sustainability and zero waste!

“This industry is not only growing the highest quality and the safest produce, but they do it with integrity. And that story has never been told… I want to help the average customer appreciate how hard it is to get this food to their table, and do it with integrity.”

Visit earth911.com to get more tips and techniques and learn how to be more sustainable. It’s important that we all commit to a more sustainable lifestyle!

You can find out more about all of the work Nikki and her team are doing at measuretoimprovellc.com, and find them on Facebook.

Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction // Guest – 1:16
  • What is Sustainability? – 3:22
  • Recognizing the Need for Sustainability: Nikki’s Journey – 8:02
  • Measure to Improve and Households and Consumers – 13:55
  • The Future of Sustainability Programs – 15:48
  • Defining “Zero Waste” – 17:42
  • Tips to Become More Sustainable – 21:58
  • Measure to Improve’s Current Work – 23:17
  • Wrap-up – 26:05

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Episode 32

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