Episode 296: Mollie Van Lieu, Amy Marshall, and Jacqlyn Schneider

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Nourishing the Future: Expanding Funding for WIC


The episode discusses the importance of expanding funding for the WIC program and protecting the fruit and vegetable benefit within it. The WIC program provides nutrition support to low-income pregnant and postpartum women, as well as their children. The current state of WIC funding is at risk, with a proposal to cut the fruit and vegetable benefit. This would have significant consequences, including potential waitlists and reduced access to nutritious food. The expansion of fruits and vegetables in WIC has shown positive outcomes, such as increased consumption and variety. It is crucial for listeners to take action by contacting their representatives and supporting the program.


00:00 Introduction and Purpose of the Discussion

05:07 Overview of the WIC Program

09:37 Current State of WIC Funding

13:59 Potential Outcomes of Funding Cuts

27:49 Impact of Expanding Fruits and Vegetables in WIC

30:45 Bipartisan Support for WIC

34:02 Call to Action for Listeners

38:42 Closing Remarks


Direct link to the take action: https://ifpa.quorum.us/campaign/48991

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