Episode 290: Pamela Riemenschneider

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In this episode, Lori Taylor and Pamela Riemenschneider discuss the latest trends in the produce industry. They cover topics such as flash-in-the-pan trends vs. long-lasting mega trends, the rise of direct-to-consumer shopping on TikTok, the demand for convenient cooking at home, and the popularity of functional foods. They also highlight the importance of authenticity and disclosure in sponsored content. Overall, the conversation emphasizes the need for the produce industry to adapt to changing consumer preferences and provide innovative solutions. In this conversation, Pamela and Lori discuss various food trends and their impact on the fresh produce industry. They highlight the influence of HEB, a grocery store known for its innovative offerings, in setting trends. They also explore the rise of functional mushrooms and other trendy ingredients like turmeric and pumpkin seeds. The conversation then shifts to the plant-based food trend and the shift away from plant-based meat alternatives. Finally, they express optimism for the future of fresh produce and encourage listeners to try new fruits and vegetables.


  • Flash-in-the-pan trends can have a significant impact on the produce industry, but mega trends tend to have a longer-lasting influence.
  • Direct-to-consumer shopping on platforms like TikTok is becoming increasingly popular, especially among younger consumers.
  • Consumers are looking for convenient options for cooking at home, such as prepared meal kits and easy-to-make recipes.
  • Functional foods that offer specific health benefits are in high demand, and consumers are seeking out ingredients with functional properties.
  • Authenticity and disclosure are crucial in sponsored content to maintain consumer trust and compliance with regulations. HEB is a trendsetter in the grocery industry and often introduces new food trends before they become mainstream.
  • Functional mushrooms, turmeric, and pumpkin seeds are popular trendy ingredients with health benefits.
  • The plant-based meat alternative trend is declining, and there is a renewed focus on traditional plant-based foods like tofu and tempeh.
  • Fresh produce remains a valuable and affordable option for consumers, and there is great potential for the industry to capitalize on the plant-based food trend.


00:00 Introduction and Welcome

02:19 Recap of Previous Conversation

04:00 Trend: Flash in the Pan vs. Mega Trends

09:12 Trend: Direct-to-Consumer Shopping on TikTok

15:31 Trend: Cooking at Home with Convenience

20:49 Trend: Foods with Function

37:17 HEB and Trendy Foods

40:08 The Plant-Based Fizzle

44:17 Optimism for Fresh Produce

45:20 Closing Remarks


Website: Produce with Pamela’s 2024 Food Trends – Produce Blue Book

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