Episode 289: Marshal Sewell

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For too long, the mental health of those working in agriculture has been a silent struggle. The relentless demands of the profession, coupled with factors like unpredictable weather, market fluctuations, and financial uncertainties, have created an environment ripe for stress and anxiety. Farmers often find themselves isolated, navigating these challenges alone without the necessary support systems.

In this episode, Lori Taylor celebrates Marshall Sewell as the winner of the 2023 Trailblazer Award for his work. They discuss the importance of destigmatizing mental health in the farming community and the challenges farmers face in seeking help. Marshall shares his personal journey and the impact of farm stress on mental health. They also highlight the need for more conversations and resources in the industry and express optimism for the future.


The Mind Your Melon movement aims to destigmatize mental health in the farming community and prioritize mental health care.

Farmers often face challenges in seeking help due to concerns about appearing weak, lack of time and resources, and fear of burdening others.

The farming industry is characterized by high stress and uncertainty, with farmers often feeling a lack of control over factors like markets, weather, and regulations.

Despite the challenges, there is hope for the future as more conversations and resources are emerging to address farm stress and mental health in agriculture.


00:00 Introduction and Trailblazer Award

02:00 Mind Your Melon Movement

06:00 Marshall’s Personal Journey

10:37 Current State of Farm Stress

17:58 Hope and Optimism for the Future

19:37 Mind Your Melon Resources

22:51 Closing Remarks


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