Episode 286: Ryan Lockman and Michael Hill

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In the heart of modern agriculture, a growing movement is taking root – regenerative farming. This transformative approach not only seeks to sustainably feed a growing global population but also aims to restore and enhance the health of our planet. In this blog, we delve into the world of regenerative farming, exploring its principles, emphasizing the importance of soil health, and shedding light on the challenges faced by farmers in adopting this revolutionary practice.


In this episode, Lori Taylor interviews Michael Hill and Ryan Lockman from North Bay Produce. They discuss topics such as regenerative farming, soil health, and the challenges faced by farmers in the industry. They also highlight the importance of market access and varietal development in sustainable agriculture. The conversation emphasizes the need for a 52-week supply of quality produce and the role of consumers in supporting sustainable farming practices. The guests provide insights into the efforts made by North Bay Produce to empower growers and promote regenerative agriculture.

In this Episode:

  • Regenerative farming practices vary depending on the region, crop, and soil type.
  • Soil health is crucial for sustainable agriculture and requires continuous efforts to maintain and improve.
  • Market access and varietal development play a significant role in promoting sustainable farming practices.
  • Consumers can support sustainable agriculture by choosing products from growers committed to regenerative practices.


00:00 Introduction and Background

02:06 Michael Hill’s Family Farm

03:16 North Bay Produce as a Cooperative

04:26 Market Access and Retail Buyers

05:00 Farming on Owned and Non-Owned Assets

06:15 Challenges and Expertise in Blueberry Farming

08:46 World Soil Day and Soil Health

09:49 Sustainability and Regenerative Farming

11:46 Agronomist’s Role in Supporting Growers

13:56 Defining Regenerative Agriculture

15:38 Improving Soil Health in Florida

17:52 Regenerative Farming in Different Regions

20:38 The Importance of Soil and Varied Development

23:54 Priorities and Objectives at North Bay Produce

27:33 Challenges of Farming in Florida

32:55 Competition with Imported Products

38:48 Closing Remarks and Household Tips


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