Episode 277: Skip Hulett

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In a world that often prioritizes profit over purpose, it’s heartening to see businesses that put social and environmental responsibility at the forefront of their mission. B-Corp, or Benefit Corporation, is a certification that recognizes companies committed to balancing profit with a positive impact on society and the environment. One such shining example is NatureSweet®, a company known for its delicious tomatoes and dedication to sustainability. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Skip Hulett, Vice President, and General Counsel for NatureSweet®, to discuss their journey as a B-Corp and the values that drive their success.

In this Episode:

  • Skipp Hulett introduces himself and discusses his background 
  • NatureSweet’s journey to B Corp Certification
  • How NatureSweet is sustaining the environment
  • How NatureSweet is nurturing communities

Notable Quotes:

“We have less than 1% a month turnover, which means our agricultural workers stay with us. And truly in order to be able to transform lives, you have to have a business model that allows you to do all the things necessary, right? You can charge a premium price when you have a premium product. You have a premium product because you have workers who are not only happy and proud, but who care.”

“We wanted to again use our business as a force for good. And so, it made sense to look into this. And we began looking into it and you’re right. It is an arduous process, but it’s worth, it’s definitely worth the journey. And as a fairly large company in terms of B Corp certified, you can imagine the complexities involved, but it’s been an exciting journey for sure.”

“You can take the label and look underneath it and there is a worker that helped make that product available for you on the table. You can use the QR code and you can read the story about that worker that helped produce your food. And it really does create a powerful connection, even though it’s not grown down the street.”

“Yeah, and so we have a principle here, giving and demanding. And so our workers are rewarded by giving and demanding the best of ourselves. And so we have created very sustainable revenues for our associates, paying nearly 40 percent above the medium wage for farm workers in Mexico, about 25 percent above the medium, even of our main competitors.”

“We believe that doing good and producing the best possible tomatoes go hand in hand,” Our tomatoes are the result of meticulous care, from seed to shelf, ensuring that every bite is a delightful experience.”


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