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“Beko is the Tesla of home appliances! The way you have brought technology and sustainability into real time solutions for homeowners and moms like me is amazing.” Lori Taylor (32:43-33:02)

In 2018, we started the tradition of celebrating a brand that’s doing a remarkable job of making sustainability a priority and more accessible for all of us in our home kitchens for Earth Day. There’s no better company to celebrate this year than Beko Home Appliances, a company awarded as the Most Energy Efficient in 2022 and Partner of the Year Sustained Excellence Award (for the third time) from Energy Star! One of the fastest growing brands in Europe and fresh into the U.S. market for four years, and the first home appliance brand to be honored by the EPA every year since, Beko has everything from nutrient-saving kitchen appliances, refrigerators that preserve food for longer, and dishwashers that actually clean the corners of your casserole dishes.

Beko prides themselves on “already having done what others are talking about” when it comes to sustainability and energy efficiency. For example, their dishwasher uses less water than any other dishwasher on the market today, creating a new, revolutionary way of washing dishes. Their dishwasher has a self-cleaning filter (did you know you were supposed to clean your dishwasher’s filter!?), a casserole dish “section” to clean those pesky, caked-and-baked casserole dish corners, and a height-adjustable third rack so you don’t have to waste water hand-washing your pasta pots! As if their dishwasher wasn’t incredible enough, their refrigerators, EverFresh and HarvestFresh technology will blow your mind. The Beko refrigerators have a proprietary crisper drawer technology that sucks out the ethylene gas (naturally occurring gas by all fruits and vegetables) using just air filtration. They also have created their own, unique lights that mimic sunlight, completely tricking your fruits and vegetables to continue photosynthesis, keep the vitamin content and protect the nutrient value! 

Episode 214 quote graphic Beko has been a household name for decades in Europe, where it’s common to always buy produce fresh and frequently, but in the USA, our purchasing habits veer towards doing our grocery shopping once a week, which is where part of our waste problem comes from. Beko wanted to find a way to tackle this issue without using additives, which is where their HarvestFresh and EverFresh technology came from. HarvestFresh is available in their current appliances and EverFresh will be on the market later this year, along with updates to their dishwashers and washing machines which use steam to save water! 

Did you know the average family throws away $1,600 worth of food on an annual basis? On top of that, 40% of everything that’s havested on the farm goes to waste and the lion’s share of that occurs at the household level.

One of Beko’s main focuses is to reduce their carbon footprint, which is why, for example, the plastic tub in their washing machine is made with reused, crushed or recycled bottles. That combined with many of the pain points we have as homeowners in our own desire to be sustainable makes Beko one of the best-in-class, energy efficient companies to date. Beko’s oven is another great example of this, which they are launching later this year. The double-wall oven uses proprietary air movement technology along the width and cavity of the oven that reduces preheat time. 

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As moms and leaders of our household, it’s hard to feel like you’re doing a “good job” at being sustainable when things like your appliances add to our carbon footprint in a way you can’t control. With Beko, not only will your food last longer and your dishes will be cleaner, but you’ll also be reducing waste (and your water bill) without having to do anything at all! Plus, who doesn’t want fresher, crisper, healthier, more vitamin and nutrient-packed produce you don’t have to throw out in a few days!? Beko is also focused on making sure all of their appliances are affordable, which is why you’ll never see them head-to-head pricewise with other top of the line appliances out there. Find out where you can purchase on of Beko’s incredible refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines or appliances at: https://www.beko.com/us-en/in-stock and make your home as sustainable as possible.

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