Episode 200: Lori Taylor and Helina Fox

Episode 200 Lori Taylor and Helina Fox Banner Image

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Episode 200 Lori Taylor and Helina Fox Banner Image

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From launching The Produce Moms as an in-house marketing idea for Indy Fruit, to growing a blog, to posting weekly podcast episodes since 2018, The Produce Moms has grown exponentially from a grassroots concept to a lifestyle brand with national retail partners.

It’s been quite the journey growing The Produce Moms into the brand it is today and Lori Taylor, founder and CEO, and Helena Fox, Business Development Manager sit down to celebrate, reminisce and discuss what exciting events you can expect from us next!

After Lori Taylor left her corporate role with Indy Fruit and decided to branch out on her own with The Produce Moms, she was looking for part-time help. Lori posted on her Facebook Page one day that she’d be at a specific Starbuck and if anyone was interested, she’d buy them a cuppa to chat. Lo and behold, she was overjoyed to see Helena Fox walk in, a former coworker of hers who had also left corporate after her first child was born.

“I have learned so much from hosting the show because I get to listen, inquire and directly conversate with some of the most brilliant people in the world.” – Lori Taylor (35:57-36:10)

Helina now serves as the director of The Produce Moms podcast, scouting guests and making sure the show stays true to what the brand and podcast is all about – helping you bring more fruits and vegetables to your table! Thanks to Helina and the rest of TPM’s team, we had more unique downloads of our podcast in January of 2022 than in the entire year of 2018!

Even more exciting is the fact that TPM is in the process of getting our B Corp certification. To get your B Corp certification, you have to provide data to show you are a business operating in an environment that takes all stakeholders into consideration before making a major decision. The emphasis of a B Corp is that you’re operating in a way that is environmentally friendly to your employees and the workforce, and you treat the community and environment in a way that meets the United Nations sustainability standards and goals.

Less than 5,000 businesses worldwide carry a B Corp certification and The Produce Moms is among the first ten to have one in the state of Indiana! What’s also unique is the fact that this certification typically goes towards companies that, for example, sell produce, while TPM is a growing lifestyle brand.

Continuing to make an impact on moms like you and the entire produce industry is a huge focus of our work. Our mission is to get more fruits and vegetables on every table, and along with that we hope to inspire you to empower our farmers. As much as supporting our domestic farmers is important, it’s equally as important to support our Central and South America farmers because they support us with fresh produce during different harvest seasons.

Speaking of empowering, Lori and Helina remember when Lori went to record her first episode. She had met former TPM team member Brian, a podcast producer with a studio in Nashville. Even though she could record from the comfort of her own home, she took a drive to Nashville to Brian’s studio, recorded the first episode and, from there, has stayed committed to producing a weekly show since 2018. There were only three podcasts in the produce industry niche at the time, and The Produce Moms has remained the only one that’s specifically focused on fruits and vegetables.

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The Produce Moms continue to stay true to our mission of bringing more fresh fruits and vegetables to your table, while also reminding us all that food security is national security. It’s equally as important to support the entire produce supply chain and our local farmers that bring you fresh, quality produce. It’s always our goal to make TPM different, better, special and unique, and we are working on launching a page on our website focused on impact that you can dive into later this year!

You can expect to hear more great guests coming on soon to talk about the supply chain crisis, an awesome episode celebrating women’s history in March, and we’d love to have any ideas or guests you want to have on the show too! Do you have a friend or know someone in the business that would be a great fit for our podcast? Send them our way! All are welcome to apply and we are always looking for guests to help us share with you simple, refreshing and realistic ways to think about food, health and wellness.

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About Lori

Lori Taylor is the Founder & CEO of The Produce Moms. For ten years she sold fresh produce to over 300 grocery stores throughout the United States, and today she is fully focused on working with the produce supply chain, media, and government to increase fresh produce access & consumption in the US and around the globe. Connect with Lori on LinkedIn.

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