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Episode 188 Feed Forward Banner Image

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For some food insecure families, it’s not a simple task getting access to food, let alone healthy food. Pantries are sometimes in scarce supply, or simply don’t provide healthy options. In the five boroughs of New York, Feed Forward is on a mission to make healthy food accessible to those in need.

While working on corporate America, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer of Feed Forward Meg Savage discovered that she had an auto-immune condition that completely changed her relationship with food. Since then, she diverted the way that she works, bringing her to the food innovation field to find ways to get people better access to quality food. Coming together with her Co-Founders, Winston Chiu and Elizabeth Peralta Foxwell during the COVID-19 pandemic just six months ago, they set a mission to align technology and innovation with the actual needs of their communities.

At its core, Feed Forward focuses on empowering a healthy and sustainable food economy by implementing programs to help secure better food access and even getting better food into supermarkets. Feed Forward does this through their three verticals: programs, products and consultancy.

“Essentially, we view ourselves as the bridgemakers and the connectors.” – Meg Savage (06:35 – 06:38)

Feed Forward’s “More Than A Meal” Program was one of the first established. The technology around the program matches food insecure individuals and families with meals and groceries. After signing up for the program, people are matched with a restaurant or grocery store within walking distance of their home and are able to order and pick up a meal. This becomes a more practical approach to helping those in need, as they won’t waste time waiting in a line for food they don’t know if they’ll eat, or even get.

Feed Forward also works closely with specific tech products that utilize blockchain to make certain food supply chains more sustainable, traceable and affordable. With different applications in tech, Meg states they are vital to making healthy food more accessible to food insecure communities.

Episode 188 Meg Savage Quote

Feed Forward’s consultancy arm works with organizations big and small on how they can be contributors to a better food system. Their collaboration focuses on giving back to the community and even how to actually make their operations more sustainable. Oftentime clients want to include programs that have been created by Feed Forward, as the company’s verticals typically end up crossing each other.

Aside from giving feedback on FeedFWD.com, individuals that want to contribute can do so in simple everyday experiences. Meg encourages that if consumers see the Feed Forward logo at their local grocer, to make sure they shop there as they’re aiming to get to a point where a portion of what’s purchased goes back into programs like More Than a Meal.

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