4 Substitutes for Eggs

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Eggs are an ingredient in numerous amount of our favorite dishes, ranging from omelets to cake. Eggs have excellent nutritional value, providing dishes with a protein source. However, there is a common controversy about the actual health benefits of eggs, typically centered around the concern over their high cholesterol content.  It is important to remember that any ingredient in moderation has the ability to provide positive nutritional benefits. For more information about eggs’ nutritional value, learn from the experts at USDA.

Many dietary disorders, lifestyle choices, or personal preferences do not allow people to consume eggs.  With that said, it is essential that there are egg alternatives present. Check out these options below for inspiration!

Healthy Egg Substitute Options

1. Chia seeds & Flaxseeds

Both of these options are great for individuals who are looking to replace the egg in a recipe without tremendously changing the flavor of the dish.  Just sprinkle a tablespoon or so into your bowl, depending on the recipe, & you will be set!

2. Peanut butter

Depending on the recipe, peanut butter is an excellent egg alternative and would allow you to retain the protein source.  The flavor of the dish may change, but who doesn’t love peanut butter?!  Making brownies? Now, they can be peanut butter brownies!

3. Banana

While replacing an egg with a banana will eliminate the protein source, you make up for it since you will be adding a serving of fruit to the recipe!

4. Tofu

Just like peanut butter, tofu is an alternative that allows you to retain the protein source.  Tofu will also change the flavor of the dish, but would add an excellent flavor if you are planning to make a stir fry.

*Note: You should not replace eggs in a recipe because you are looking to make a “healthier” dish, but instead replace the eggs to encourage yourself to try new foods & mix up your diet! You will be amazed how many new foods you can try but just replacing one ingredient in a recipe.


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